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  1. Maximus-3 Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    Love the roll bar and aluminum sliders. Nailed it.

    Sounds the best so far (through my computer). For sale soon?
  3. Throttle controller

    Any of you guys have a M/T? I've been looking at these (sprint booster, Idrive & PC) - curious as how they would preform in a M/T
  4. Glad Grandpa Firecracker Red LE Build

    Looks great! Seems like a great combo but not thrilled about the gaps in the upper decker and bed, that hardly seems water tight - could probably close the gap with thicker weather striping...... Also not impressed with all the drilling in to the bed for the hinges - is the hardware as...
  5. Glad Grandpa Firecracker Red LE Build

    I like your idea with the Decked + Ace Engineering cover. I'm a little skeptical on the hinges ACE used - they look small, especially where it hinges in the front. Hard to tell in the pictures.....
  6. Glad Grandpa Firecracker Red LE Build

    @Pat2Alaska any updates on the decked system?
  7. Manual Transmission Club

    Left dealer on 35’s with Mopar 2” lift.. 16.1 mpg currently. As high as 17 and as low as 15.5
  8. Manual Transmission Club

    Correct - the truck receives (5) falken wildpeak M/T's on 4 stock wheels and 1 steel spare.
  9. Manual Transmission Club

    I’ve had mine for 700 miles now and agree with everyone’s thoughts on the gearing - basically rides 1-4, occasional 5th above 55 but definitely downshifting to 4th for any kind of incline. Has anyone tried the Sprint Booster, Idrive or Peddle Commander to see if it helps?
  10. 5 Rubicon Falken Tires in NY

    I don’t think you can. Don’t crap in my thread. That’s why it says “consider reasonable offers”.
  11. 5 Rubicon Falken Tires in NY

    5 brand new Falken M/T take off tires. Removed upon delivery. Looking for $200 each. Consider reasonable offers.
  12. Complete Your Set!!! 17" Rubicon Rims OEM Individual

    Be interested in shipping to 14456?
  13. Manual Transmission Club

    @firemedic2714 i got them here....they don’t have anything for the rear’s the “XL Front” $79.00
  14. Storm Trooper Build

    Those bed rails are pretty rad. Love the height at which the collapsed tent sits now.
  15. Manual Transmission Club

    Finally home and in the garage! It was almost anticlimactic at the dealership but I drove it around all day today and definitely glad I didn’t jump in to an automatic towards the end of my wait (no offense to the guys that did). The fit and finish is awesome, I looked the whole thing over...
  16. Manual Transmission Club

    Ha! Yea, I’ve never had a problem with em - kinda like myself - maybe it’s the black on grey.
  17. Manual Transmission Club

    Holy crap - finally back from vacation and going to pick up the truck tomorrow, lift and tires are on. Will report back.
  18. What is the Biggest Tire on Stock Wheel?

    Comb through the threads, the question had been answered several times. Here is a similar thread I started a while back. The tire size thing is not that hard to understand after a good explanation. Google is your friend...