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  1. Granite Peak Rubicon build

    4.88 gears get installed tomorrow I'm super excited
  2. Granite Peak Rubicon build

    Plenty of clearance for the 38 13.5 17's and 17x9 with -12 offset
  3. Granite Peak Rubicon build

    The lift and wheels are installed about 8 hrs. There is really no rake. no noise arms and track bars are in true metal cloak fashion heavy duty with absolutely no noise going down the road. I went with rock sport shocks because eventually I hope to go falcon 3.3's or six packs but right now was...
  4. Granite Peak Rubicon build

    I will keep you posted . I am hoping to install this weekend
  5. Granite Peak Rubicon build

    How do I get images on here
  6. Granite Peak Rubicon build

    Time for the project to begin MetalCloak 3.5 game changer rocksport 38/13.5R 17 Rampage 17x9 m25 -12 wheels Rock Krawler pro-x add on triangulated 4 link Mopar performance 4.88:1 gears Tazer Smittybilt XRC gen 2 bumper Apex 12000 lb winch
  7. Project retro phase two and three complete, she's coming together

    That my friend is an awesome example of retro. Thank you for the build pictures
  8. metalkrawler frankenstien lift

    This is what happens when I have time to think. I am looking to order parts for the lift on my JTR. I want to try the rock krawler triangulated upgrade and no limit links for the sway bar disconnect, but I also want to run metal cloak arms for the rear lower and the fronts and six pack shocks...
  9. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    That is the deal I made and it is on the deal sheet for the lease.
  10. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    $1600 out the door but I am a sales consultant for the dealership so I get a fairly good deal. but with that being said they figured 8 hrs labor. Which is at normal labor cost so around $800 labor
  11. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    I am having mine dealership installed and covered by warranty with mopar performance gear sets when I get mine the end of this month. Will be rolling on 38" patagonias and mamba m25's ordered them last night
  12. Aftermarket Fenders

    I will take a look at these as well how is their coverage compared to metalcloak
  13. Florida WTB Rubicon front fenders

    Did you get the no limit links
  14. Florida WTB Rubicon front fenders

    That is awesome that is the route I believe I will be taking. Are you running the rock krawler shocks or something else. I will be getting my rubicon by the end off this month and will be going to metal cloak fenders that is why I will have the stockers for sale.
  15. Just entered the forum

    Steffen where is middle wisconsin