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  1. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    That's similar to what I had on my JK.. I'm sure they will have em for the JT soon enough. I was considering giving the fab a shot on my own .. idk ‍♂️
  2. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    I enjoy their videos.. it's not just Jeep stuff.. they review and compare a bunch of different vehicles. I don't always agree with their assessments, but I'm also not out there with them while they are doing it. It is biased, but still enjoyable imo
  3. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    I'm only 5' 9 so it's not an issue for me. I think in his review he said he was 6ft, I feel like that adjustment would help maybe ‍♂️.. again, that's tall-people problems .. I'm more concerned about crawling into a lifted Jeep
  4. Gladiator Review by TFL: Great and Awful Things We Learned After 6 Months

    I mean, he didn't adjust the other handle. It slides back and the other handle gives a little extra room if you crank up on it...
  5. Beach cart - Bed Topper - Hitch Mount

    I was considering modifying a powerwheel to be my beach wagon...
  6. Beach cart - Bed Topper - Hitch Mount

    I love it... I've basically just ratchet straps everything together and then carry it all like a backpack.. I was tired of dragging my cart through the sand... I like this idea though.. how well does it work in the sand?
  7. Cheapest new winch ever

    Everybody plays the fool sometimes... But there's an old saying in Tennessee I know it's in Texas maybe in Tennessee that goes.. fool me once shame on, shame on you.. you fool me I can't get fooled again‍♂️
  8. Cheapest new winch ever

    As a rule for me, I don't trust Instagram ads that seem to good to be true. I got scammed say one point(covered by my bank) because I thought Instagram wouldn't advertise scam sites.. dumb me ‍♂️
  9. Easter egg on front driveshaft

    That's what I do.. think I had read it on a different forum when I had my jk.. it saved so much time especially with Hawaii clay... Now I'm in VA and wheeling hasn't happened
  10. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Hopefully move up to 35s if I find the right trade or sale price.. hardtop was ordered but almost a month and a half later and it's still not here. Might do prp seat covers and call it good for a while... Thinking about the Mopar 2 inch lift too but not really necessary for the level of...
  11. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    It would be cool if the had some kind of bolt on protection to add to the Mopar bumper... But back to the OP .. anybody find a company making anything flush mount? I had for my jk and really liked the look of nothing else. The housing they were in was steel so it added some protection for the...
  12. Rubicon Express 2" Economy Lift Advice

    I felt the same when I saw a reply and it was you
  13. Rubicon Express 2" Economy Lift Advice

    You basically took the thoughts out of my brain. I was trying to search to find an answer but the internet kicks my butt. hopefully someone will chime in and give some answers. I just want some spacers to clear bigger tires while still being able to do moderate wheeling while not paying for a...