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  1. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    That conversion is the same as 33’s, what trim level do you have? Just a lift by itself wouldn’t need a calibration and such a small change in an odd tire size wouldn’t either. Why not go to 35’s? 315/70/17 I think Any changes to your rig from the factory configuration warrants the need for...
  2. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    They should let you upgrade it with just software. I had a similar thing happen to me when I traded in my JKU. I tried to restore to factory and thought I did. Called flashcal and told them I traded it in, And what happened their customer service was awesome and reset my unit so I could sell it...
  3. Tazer JL warning--disables some Sirius Guardian features

    Check out superchips flashcal and smartstopstart. Link below. The superchips lets you program just about everything you need. Remove the modular and then install the auto start stop. It’s a great combo for me. Just remember you to plug in the super chips bypass anytime you want to do updates...
  4. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    Exactly, but you still need the programmers. They change the PCM to match the Hardware changes you make.
  5. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    You have to understand how it all works. Adding bigger wheels and tires changes your final gear ratio, thus changing your RPM and shift points and different speeds. Adding bigger tires also changes the Speedo this causing an imbalance to multiple factors in the calculation of MPG on the dash...
  6. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    It’s an actual tune with an increase in performance (HP)and shift points. You typically have to run premium fuel.
  7. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    I went with flashcal for just reprogramming Features. Flashcal for most advanced Adjustments Pulsar for engine tune and basic programming, in-line and on the fly adjustment Flashpaq for full feature Most advanced adjustments and engine tune but requires PCM swap obviously there are other...
  8. What are your onboard "essentials"?

    Tool Bag Recover bag Tactical bag SBR CCW Extra pew pew clipazines The thing that makes pew pew quieter Benchmade Lethermen Surfire Man wipes because dirt works for the hands but I like something softer if I’m going to be driving. Gorilla tape Two way walkie walkies Cellphone
  9. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    Agree the tazer does a lot more, I’m just loyal to superchips. Customer service goes a long way and they treated me so well over the years. So here is to fingers crossed they will add some features.
  10. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    All depends on what you are planning on doing to your rig. All I can say is if you have just one need to reprogram Buy a programmer vs the dealer. It will pay off in the long run.
  11. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    Rubicon, for the Dana 44’s, Transfercase, and lockers are the primary reasons. Secondary the Rubicon holds its value and is the most desired. My last two Rubicons Driven hard held up and I got amazing trade ins when upgrading to new model years. All my rigs where heavily modified so I know I...
  12. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    Tazer does similar and actually has some of its own unique features. Tazer lite and tazer are both solid programmers, but obviously you get more with the tazer vs the lite model. Do a comparison on their sites and see what works best for you. I actually like some of the tazer features over...
  13. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    Most super charger kits will require their own tune so I wouldn’t buy anything you plan to use with the supercharger
  14. Tazer or Superchips paid off 10 fold.

    Just wanted to share the value of my superchips programmer over the year I’ve owned my gladiator. Considering the dealer charges 100$ to 200$ to do any of this if they will do it at all. First use - Lift and 37’s recalibration 2nd - 6 months later 4.88 gear 3rd - Turn off seat belt minder 4th...
  15. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    I support this as another owner who has installed 4.88’s
  16. Did you know Aux wires are inside also ? Not just by the battery.

    Yes, only because I installed the kit myself and watched an install video. Makes life easy. I added quick connects on all inside and Under hood connections. Now all I have to do is add the other end to whatever I want to connect.
  17. Aux & lightbar security

    Sticker on my rig “ warning shots will not be given” “locked and loaded” “NRA” “suppressor hearing protection” In all seriousness you really don’t need to secure them. If someone is going to steal them they will steal them. Locking devices rarely do anything but cause the person to damage...
  18. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    I did 4.88’s and it’s the only way to go
  19. SCAM ALERT! Unsolicited messages/conversations asking you to email someone!

    I’ve been getting a tons of these requests on a WTB post. Easy to spot now, and doing a search for the email addresses will bring up the same posts on other forums
  20. visionx backup lights

    Wired mine up last week. They are amazing and the reason I installed an Aux switch