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  1. Bobs BoxTop Camper

    Anything new on this lately?
  2. Northridge4x4's Gladiator Build GIVEAWAY!

    Entered - I would like to see it with a tag registered in my name and sitting in my driveway.
  3. Does anyone else accidentally wave when not driving your Jeep?

    I am from the South - we wave at everybody - all the time. Sometimes I even catch myself waving when it is dark.
  4. What is your Jeep History?

    '81 CJ-5 '90 Cherokee '95 YJ (current) The list isn't as long as some here, but I owned the 81 for about 25 years and have had the YJ now for about 7. I do not have a large amount of attrition when it comes to my Jeeps. I enjoy them without abusing them and they just keep going. Keeping a...
  5. Any Gator Gladiator sightings?

    I saw the first one on a used car lot this morning in Cartersville, GA, on the way into work. I couldn't see it well but I think it could have been a Rubicon.
  6. Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter Gladiator Concept [SEMA 2019]

    Put back the slotted grill, build it and put it on the lot for sale. The best looking offering yet.
  7. Bobs BoxTop Camper

    That thing is just too cool. Can't wait to see the final product.
  8. Glad Grandpa Firecracker Red LE Build

    From one Grandpa to another - marvelous!
  9. Bobs BoxTop Camper

    I like it! The only thing better than a genius is a Jeep Genius!
  10. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Pricing: $33,545 (Sport), $40,395 (Overland), $43,545 (Rubicon) + Options Prices

    "So they are asking 47840? MSRP is just that Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price...they are referring to ADP (Additional Dealer Profit) or Regional Market Adjustment of $5000 over MSRP" (I tried to quote this instead of copy and paste but received an notice that said: Forbidden: you do not...
  11. Popular Mechanics: How to Make an Eight-Passenger Jeep Gladiator With 3rd Row

    Okay ... just for clarification ... riding around with the doors and top off is safe, but riding in the bed with a well mounted seat and seat belts isn't ... somehow that sounds slightly hypocritical. As kids we used to ride through the mountains in Daddy's old pick-up, standing up behind the...
  12. This dealer has their Gladiator priced at $70k...

    I read an MSN article today that said dealers are marking up Gladiators as much as $20,000.00 above MSRP. I have been waiting for them to be released since I saw the first concept in 2005, but I can tell you that I will not be ripped off. I don't need a Gladiator. I do need a truck. I will...