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  1. Rear sway bar end links how long

    fox 3.5-4 inch lift shocks 985-24-221
  2. Rear sway bar end links how long

    what limits the travel in the rear....isnt it the links?
  3. Drag link and tie rod upgrade

    Nope. Have owned lots of jeeps just never had any issues like the on the gladiator. I know it’s the box but doesn’t mean the other parts won’t help. If I knew buying a new box would fix it. I’d gladly pay out of pocket for the box
  4. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    darn. I was hoping I missed it. It’s not a global fix from what I hear. Most guys are having the issue again a few thousand miles later
  5. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    what am I missing from below . I don’t know any fix that has consistently worked. -tightning the box works for some not got others -psc kit....pretty pricey but yes solves it -synergy brace. Works for some -steering stabilizer works for some
  6. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    This gladiator really has everything except the steering which I know is only some of us. I cant think of anything that could be offered by factory that is missing
  7. There is no debate, go 4.88 gears (my review)

    thats the way I went. On 37s its perfect
  8. Which Lift Kit to Pick From

    I went clayton. they are awesome guys. You'll be happy i went 3.5 overland. Install is straight forward, just make sure you have an installer that is used to adjustable control arms. The instructions provided are good but the measurements are just starting points. You have to tweak. The...
  9. Noise after gear change

    YOU are 100% correct. I followed up on everything. The guy I was following with the buzz turned out it was a poorly machined part like you said. Yukon is overnighting the part. FWIW gears should not be more noisy than stock
  10. Steering wheel shake

    nothing was changed on suspension. We just adjusted the control arms to properly align pinion angle and just get everything dialed in.
  11. Steering wheel shake

    tires where balanced by quadratec and those tires have been on for a long time.
  12. Steering wheel shake

    I had my lift tweaked to get the angles all corrected. At certain highway speeds Im getting a steering wheel shake. Its not constant, but its around 45-55. Its not a tire out of balance. What would cause that. Its not a violent shake, but definitely there
  13. Noise after gear change

    As a reminder. I’m no expert. Which is why I’m asking. I called Yukon and asked. First thing guy says. Anything past 4.10 is going to make noise on some level.
  14. Noise after gear change

    So a light buzz/whine could be “normal” from yukons
  15. Noise after gear change

    Well one of the sources that says they make noise is beyond reputable. I know little about gears other than ratio charts. That’s all.
  16. Noise after gear change

    Why are some people saying whines are normal
  17. Noise after gear change

    Just curious as I’m going to get gears done in a few. Do you get any new noises going to 4.88 or 5.13s. Some people say yes there will be some whining/buzzing. Others are saying it should be quiet like stock. So in a few weeks once I get it done. Expect a new noise or should be quiet.
  18. Cost for regearing

    Its hard to be under 2300. You have yukon kit $1200, shop time 5 hours or so per axle, some disposables, and the reinspection/oil change. When you break it down, its not that crazy for a skilled job
  19. Cost for regearing

    depends on where you live. shop time is expensive where we live if you want it done right. My opinion is $300-$400 is not worth having issues with gears. Parts alone are almost $1200. Stick to reputable shop and try and combine work to lower cost. also i dont think you need gears with 35s...