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  1. Manual Transmission Club

    Now that is unfortunate. But the dealer performance tune for the 2.3 (320hp and 355lb ft in the Ranger) nearly makes up for it. I really hope Jeep responds in a way other than just some ultra expensive 392 variant. A 320hp 355lb ft 4 banger competitor sounds great.
  2. Manual Transmission Club

    Considering its got a 325hp 400ft lb V6 with that 7 speed manual and 4.7:1 axles on 35s from the factory I think the Bronco is going to be vastly superior to the Wrangler in many departments. Take it with a grain of salt because nothing is official until Monday, but that's what the "decoded"...
  3. Driving with Freedom Panels and Doors Off, Rest of Hardtop on... How is it?

    Me and my kid had just the fronts off over the winter. This was late April. We had the whole top off shortly after as well for a while. Its fun go and try it out. I love doors off but don't run that way as often as full top off. I've run totally naked a couple times but I do like having either...
  4. Alaska

    We rented an RV and will be going out there July 11th. Bringing the Jeep too. If you've never been its a cool place man go. You ever been to Virginia City in Nevada? Its similar to that minus the bars and tourist shops. Haven't been there in over 10 years so we're excited to be going.
  5. June/July Deals from Bestop; Open Up To Freedom!!!

    Do you guys have Core Doors out for the JL/JT? Or is the Core Door promotion for the JK?
  6. I am a idiot

    The dealership I bought mine has a hardtop, automatic, tow, mats, block heater, trak lok out the door for 36. You're close but expect nothing but an automatic. Without the other options that one would have been 33.5 or so. Registration is $200 and we don't have sales tax so that's what you'd pay...
  7. Manual Transmission Club

    I liked the JKs 6 speed more than the JTs but I've gotten used to it now. Our '16 Tacoma had the trusty 2.7. The 3.5 being a new engine I didn't want to bite. Loved that Tacoma, 4cyl 5speed 4x4. I was always fascinated with 4cyl 4x4s but it was totalled 2 years ago. I thought it was very telling...
  8. Manual Transmission Club

    Our 4Runner had power up/down seats. So you could adjust it's height. I like that about the Glad but I wish the passenger side was adjustable too. When there start being JTs in junkyards I'm going to get another drivers seat to put in the passenger side to remedy that.
  9. Manual Transmission Club

    How do you like the seating position over the Taco? We have a '15 TRD Off-Road and man I hate the seats in it. It's just where they put them, too close to the floor. If they could be raised/lowered it would be better. Our 4Runner didn't have that problem it was a comfortable car. But the wife...
  10. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    It's been discontinued for months. All that are out there are all there will be. Look for one you like now the ones optioned the way you want will be gone soon.
  11. SmartCap goes on new Jeep Gladiator Build

    I'd imagine Africa. It says Forged in Africa in the pictures.
  12. Paint blown off with pressure washer

    Man remember the paints being delayed over the summer because they said they were having trouble with the formulas sticking to the plastic pieces? Guess they weren't lying. This was a fender flare I take it and not the actual fender?
  13. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    A lot of us ordered them on opening day back in July. It is too bad it had such a short run. My first choice was Gator but because it was dead last on the paint schedule I ordered Punk'n. I'm very pleased with it but if Gator has been available I would have gone that route.
  14. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    Took the family to a local glacier today and found what is normally a maintained paved road had not had much maintenance done to it in a while.
  15. Live or Overlanded Alaska? Need Your Help!

    Of what month? I don't know if you knew this but Denali the town and park are closed as of now with no hard opening date. Passenger train service was discontinued until July except for a few pre determined days. If you're going in July I'd not worry about it but June might be iffy.
  16. Live or Overlanded Alaska? Need Your Help!

    I would not take a rental off the highway on the Peninsula. There are no secondary roads or really any trails to speak of thats why you're not finding much. On top of that there are not as many active Jeepers that way to pull you out if you find a mudhole. You have a large community in South...
  17. PUNK'N Gladiator JT Club

    Kid and I went on a front half top less drive tonight. He always has a blast when we go out with the Jeeps.
  18. Passenger Foot Space Enough For Long Trips?

    Jeeps aren't very wide. Take the doors off and it will feel very narrow. But I have never thought the cabin was cramped or jamming anyone in. Of course the only way to know will be to test drive but I think you'll be fine.
  19. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    So I left the Jeep on their lot for 2 hours before they actually did the service. So I'm not sure what kind of driving they did with it beforehand but I had driven it 30 miles on the freeway to them so not very much shifting involved. All they said was that it was very hot but didn't have a...
  20. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    So my Jeep went in for it's first Jeep Wave service today and the transmission did come up obviously. I talked to the tech seemed like she was very aware of the recall and what parts were affected. She told me that the tranny bell housing was very hot when they pulled it in so I asked her what...