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  1. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    I did get the AJT fob for my Rubicon but I also have a 2020 Wrangler stripped with crank windows. : ) No one is making a key fob for that. I was hoping there might be someway to program the transponder in a Fiat key that would fit in the door. Several are working on that.
  2. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    Right. But that number is published by lawyers and engineers. The frame can certainly handle it but try going up interstate 70 eastbound or interstate 80 westbound in the mountains with even half that amount.
  3. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    A motor big enough to tow UP hill. Diesel, turbo V6, (E torque?) I don’t care. I just want to be able to get rid of my V8 Colorado but I can’t because my trailer is 4.500 pounds. A factory trailer brake controller for the same reason above. Any way to get rid of that key fob for something of...
  4. Factory Trailer Brake Controller releases ...EDIT: STILL WAITING

    Please keep us posted. You might actually be the first.
  5. Do we know when the Ecodiesel will be released?

    Nathan just posted this recently.
  6. Finally available! > 2020 Jeep Gladiator Accessories - Trailer Brake Controller - 82215652

    Bottom line... I think this is great news. Now for the Diesel so I can place my order and actually climb I 80 through Parly’s Canyon while pulling a 4000 pound trailer.

    Don’t know if I’ve missed it here. Does anyone know of a front bumper with a receiver hitch? I move small airplanes around, nothing heavy, 3500 pounds max, on a flat surface. The front receiver hitch would should be nice.
  8. Cat back exhaust cold air intake

    That’s the Mopar unit with the trailer break controller. Some of the YouTubes pan by it and if you’re quick, you can pause and zoom in and see it. One year on and another Los Angeles auto show and still only the sound of crickets.
  9. Car wash with soft top?

    Ran my Land Rover Defender 90 through car washes for 10 years with no serious ill effects. The top was also manufactured by Bestop. I see many Wranglers at the car washes around town that seem to be doing fine as well. I would have really liked a soft top Gladiator but I was really surprised to...
  10. Is anybody at the LA auto show?

    I couldn’t make the Los Angeles auto show this year. I sure was excited to hear the FCA reps there talk about the upcoming trailer brake controller last year. A year later, I’m wondering if anyone is there who could ask the reps face to face what is going on?
  11. Latest Mopar Jeep Performance Parts Catalog for Gladiator

    Best-in-class towing capability..... ....... and still no trailer brake controller !
  12. Factory Trailer Brake Controller releases ...EDIT: STILL WAITING

    Same!! Holding off on drilling my P3 in. FCA said in writing that the target was September. Hopefully any day now?
  13. Edelbrock E Force coming soon.

    Edlebrock is saying 8 pounds of boost for their JK Pentastar blower. I would expect similar with the Gladiator.
  14. Anybody got Gorilla Glass?

    I don’t doubt that at all. For some reason, the parts manuals seem to be seriously behind. South Valley Jeep in Salt Lake City does say they are installing it however. EDIT !!!!! Just got off the phone with the gorilla glass people. JL/ Gladiator product is still a couple of months out in...
  15. Anybody got Gorilla Glass?

    The way I read it, this would be an upgrade. ....”so next time it needs replacing, ask for a Mopar Windshield made with Corning Gorilla Glass*.” I talked to my dealer and he said it’s a good idea and it’s also $800. : ) at this point I’m going to wait till the windshield actually cracks all...
  16. Light bright blows their motor, prodigy turbo the culprit

    I find her ( and Kevin too ) totally pleasant. If they were ever broken down around Salt Lake City, I would be more than happy to do whatever possible to help. I really don’t get the hate.
  17. Anybody got Gorilla Glass?

    No. But I knew getting into this, according to Lite Brite, and other videos that this would be an issue. First rock chip repair and they sold me a lifetime rock chip repair membership as they said “will be seeing you a lot “ . I will consider gorilla glass. I am told about $800? anyone else...
  18. 35s on stock rubicon rims

    I really appreciate this thread. I had all the same questions. Thanks so much!