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  1. ***Official Mojave Thread*** Lets talk Mojave's

    I heard that the 12V plugs on the Mojave are actually putting out 12.4V! Can anyone confirm and if so does anyone have the part #, because I would like to swap them into my Rubicon. My current ones are a sad 11.9V...such crap...don't even get me started on FCA/Stellaris QC. And what's with...
  2. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    What trail is that?
  3. What say You?? 2.3 and 2.7 4cyl ecoboost

    How is this a "General Gladiator Topic"?
  4. I raced a Taco this morning

    Taking bets in a 1/4 mile VS.
  5. I raced a Taco this morning

    I don't mean to brag, but I've been know to break a few rules of the road...
  6. Magnaflow Rock Crawler

    Does anyone know which muffler is used for the Rock Crawler kit?
  7. I am not judging...ok, I am...

    Judge away...this one takes the prize!
  8. Mopar Trail Rail Kit Installation

    So this is too I typed this response out before scrolling down to read @Godfadr 's response: Kathryn, In regards to the response posted in the forum about my recent experience installing the trail rail system in my Gladiator - I can say I'm more impressed with the vehicle than your...
  9. Small things that add a little flair!

    There's blue bawls and then there are red nutz!
  10. How popular are Gladiators where you are?

    I got mine 3 weeks ago and since then my neighbor bought one and a guy down the street as well. My buddy owns the dealership in Boulder and says he's going to start paying me to park mine in my driveway more often!
  11. Music in your Gladiator

    I have this on continual really gets me amp'd up!
  12. Mopar Trail Rail Kit Installation

    Install was a disaster! Even after pre-clearing bed liner material from the holes, I had 2 of the tack welds break loose (against cab and passenger side) and one screw twist off (also against the cab). For what I paid for this kit (and the vehicle while I'm complaining) I'm really...
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Needed to do SOMETHING to the "Great White" so I had some scraps of 3M 1080 around so I blacked out the gas cover. I think it looks pretty cool. Any thoughts?
  14. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    Funny how Chrysler has a way of doing this. I had a Chrysler Crossfire back in the day - Chrysler skin on a Mercedes and I loved that "misfit"!
  15. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    All-favorite is the original.... is my first 97 TJ...I wish I knew where it is now. It was my baby and it taught me a lot!
  16. Moab trails may soon be ruled by oil companies

    So do we start a "GoFundMe" and lease it ourselves?
  17. Storing your Freedom Top bag?

    Alright, this may be a stupid topic of discussion, but I'm curious where everybody is storing your Freedom Top storage bag? In the bed or vehicle...or in the garage? On one hand I feel like I should have it with me if the mood strikes to remove the panels, but the bed isn't really that big to...
  18. Took Delivery of Your JT? Sign in Here!

    and an awesome color!
  19. What I wish my Gladiator had.

    I wouldn't mind if the hood had a bumper on it if you want to flip it back and lean it against the windshield. ...and how about some decent door sill protectors for a vehicle meant to get dirty?
  20. Music in your Gladiator

    Have you happened to stumble upon EODM (Eagles of Death Metal)?