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  1. Jeep Straight 6 Long Block in a JT

    Goofy tech? Oh you mean that tech that allows modern engines to pump out great torque and hp with superior efficiency and less pollution? Gotcha. I understand it's nice being able to work on any aspect of the engine yourself but come on.....
  2. 2021 Bronco

    Because it looks awesome and is a direct competitor to Jeep.....I considered walking away from the deposit on my JT that I've been waiting for since May but I really don't want to wait another year for a new vehicle. Also, I want the box the Gladiator offers. If I was waiting for a JL I would...
  3. 2021 Bronco

    That's a no for me. It looks cool but that is about room in it and you can't even put the seat back. Not many people would buy this.
  4. 2021 Jeep Gladiator EcoDiesel Officially Announced

    Ugh, I knew the diesel was coming but decided to order my Rubicon JT back in May anyway. Here we are in mid-July and still no truck and now the diesel is available to order. Starting to kick myself but honestly I'm shocked that the towing capacity is so poor with the diesel.
  5. Washington 4 brand new Rampage tube doors with mesh insert $350

    Too bad the border is closed....I'm in BC.
  6. Painting Hardtop?

    The black top has a texture to it, if you order a hardtop paint matched to your Jeep it does NOT have a texture.
  7. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Yeah well...I already opted for the LED light package lol. I had LED's on my F150 and worth every penny IMO.
  8. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Just realized that my custom order is missing a key component...I somehow forgot to order the steel front bumper! Doh! So mad at myself....I really like the look of the Mopar steel bumper but to add it after the fact is way more expensive; can't believe I missed such an obvious part of the order.
  9. Why did you buy your Gladiator?

    Put me in the 'just wanted one' category. I had a 2015 F150 Platinum, which honestly is an excellent vehicle but there are literally millions of them on the road, I wanted something a bit more unique. Still waiting for my Stingray Rubicon to show up but I'm hoping I get used to the much...
  10. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    Supposedly the weight for this wheel is 31 lbs, which I was a little disappointed by. As a comparison the AEV Borah is 33lbs, and the Savegre II is 31lbs.
  11. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    I hope so! The other bonus is that this wheel was actually quite a bit cheaper than some of the other options I looked at from AEV and others. Also, I have hardly seen anyone on this forum running this wheel, and none in the wild so it should be a little unique.
  12. What wheels are you putting on you JT?

    These look great! I don't even have my JT yet...still waiting for it to show up but I ordered these KMC wheels in the matte bronze: These were one of the few wheels I was able to find with a positive offset. I went with 17x8.5 and a +18 offset. My JT is Stingray....I went back and forth...
  13. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    So, I just got notification that build sheet and window sticker is available, and now I've been moved from open order to 'completed' on the tracker here. Does that mean it's ready to ship, or in transit? I can't contact Jeep cares because for some reason they won't deal with me as I'm in...
  14. Gladiator Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    So...this is interesting (at least to me). I placed my order May 23 for Stingray Rubicon (Auto). Around June 1, I got my VIN and around the same day for some strange reason the tracker on this site showed me (Bosshog) as having sticker already. Obviously that was a mistake. Anyway, as of...
  15. 2021 Bronco

    All I can tell ya is my 2015 had zero issues with the engine in 5 yrs, not one.
  16. My new 2020 Mojave Gladiator

    Agree, that hood is dope. Too bad the vent/scoop doesn't actually do anything, but looks good.
  17. 2021 Bronco

    What's funny about it? the twin turbo 3.5 in the current F150 has 375hp and 470 ft lbs of torque. The 2020 Ram with the 5.7 has 395 hp and actually considerably less torque...410 ft lbs.