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  1. Here's my beach vacation Gladiator setup!

    That's awesome! Try doing that with a Wrangler! Pictures like these make me feel much better about selling the Wranglers to get a Gladiator.
  2. Flat Towing JTR with Lift/Tires/Wheels??

    There are some lengthy discussions on that topic on many forums, including the JL forum and RV forums, some heated. The question is weather the front bumper mounting plates (4 bolt holes each) have the strength to safely flat tow on their own. Attached to the frame ends by robot welds from the...
  3. Flat Towing JTR with Lift/Tires/Wheels??

    I have flat towed both a TJ and a JK all over the place. Both had 3.5" lifts and 35" tires. I had no problems. As long as the lift is installed correctly: geometry correction, centered axles with good trackbars or brackets, no shimmies or wobbles, and your steering wheel returns to center...
  4. Why did you buy your Gladiator?

    Sold all three of these for one vehicle to license, insure, and maintain. The Gladiator does the job of all 3.
  5. Arcus skid plate

    I had no idea that the skids were different for the two Rubicon bumper offerings until you posted this thread. I was pleasantly surprised when my factory skid bolted right back up easily after installing the new Arcus bumper. Useful information for anyone swapping out their factory bumper. I...
  6. Arcus skid plate

    The skid plates of the factory winch bumper and the plastic non-winch bumper look different. Mine mounts with four bolts. Two underneath on the frame, and the two uppers on an angled bracket that also mounts to the frame with the two silver bolts in the pic.
  7. Arcus skid plate

    I just installed an Arcus on my Rubicon that came with the plastic bumper and steel skid plate. The factory steel skid bolted right back up in its original location with no interference from the new winch bumper.
  8. Quadratec warning

    I ordered an "overstock item" , and it is on backorder!! I'm not worried about it. It will get here when it gets here. It's a very small problem to have in today's world.
  9. Towing wiring kit

    I didn't want to either. I have been waiting for the Hopkins kit to come available. It was so easy by just plugging in to the tail light outlets. But, I got tired of waiting. The Cooltech system looked like the best and easiest to install vs the Roadmaster or Mopar.
  10. Towing wiring kit

    I also had a 2016 Wrangler that I flat towed. I used the Hopkins plug and play kit. Easy, but not available for the JL or Gladiator at this time. I just ordered the Cool Tech harness. It comes with an isolation switch, but I'm going to have to splice wires. It is all done at the passenger side...
  11. 35x12.50-18 tire fit with 1.5" Teraflex leveling kit?

    I just installed the Teraflex 1.5" front and Daystar 3/4" rear spacer lifts on a Rubicon. Definitely noticeable lift. Would have sit nose high, if I didn't add the rear spacers. The next day I installed a winch bumper and winch. Brough the front end right back down a little. lol
  12. What did you do before your license plates arrived?

    Our tyrant WA State governor makes everyone buy new plates and tabs, no matter what, now. Used to be able to transfer plate if tabs were good. Wonder what happened to all that extra money?
  13. What did you do before your license plates arrived?

    The Gladiator is my 3rd Jeep, but it's the same disease! I installed JL Rubi wheels and 315 Patagonias off the traded JK, Tyger tonneau cover, Teraflex 1.5" front, Daystar 3/4" rear spacers. Arcus bumper, Warn VR, and Maximus-3 towbar loops. Wheels ordered, but the license plates will arrive...
  14. Tow 21' bowrider with Overland? Or stick with Max Tow?

    I had a hard time finding a Max Tow in my area. So, this happened. No help with the Overland question, but the Rubi tows my fat pig old boat nicely. 20' with a V8.
  15. towing 4 down

    I went with the Maximus-3 towing brackets. They just arrived after a month on backorder. I don't like the way the other base plates hang down so low with a crossbar (Blue Ox, Demco, Roadmaster). On my previous JK, I used the Currie Rockjock towbar mount/skid plate. I loved it. It kept the mount...
  16. What the Heck are These? In the Freedom Top Bag....

    Freedom top storage bag? The dealer said my Rubicon doesn't come with one. So, I took the bag out of my JK when I traded it in. Probably won't fit, but if I don't get one, neither do they! I think I've been duped.
  17. Why did everyone decide their trim level (sport vs rubicon etc)?

    I wanted the towing capacity, wider D44 axles, and 4.10 gears. Max Tows are hard to find in my area. So, Rubicon it is.
  18. Overland with 3.5 lift and bigger tires

    Looks pretty damn good to me. I just put the Tyger tri-fold on last night.

    I'll wait for factory half doors to come out. Loved having them to swap out in the summer on the TJ. I didn't like having it wide open with no doors. Women would try to look up my shorts! :)
  20. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Tyger tri-fold soft tonneau. Not bad for a cheap cover. $197 Amazon. Came with brackets that fit in the bed rail system, and a cheap storage bag.