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  1. Summer Shutdown Cancelled at Toledo Plant to Meet Gladiator Demand

    There sure as heck is a dire shortage of the announced ecodiesel Gladiator to be released in Europe over here in Germany... *Insertrandomsadface*
  2. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    It keeps amazing me how different even gobi clearcoat looks depending on Illumination. Thanks for the upload!
  3. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    I just LOVE those wheels on your Gobi. Mind sharing some more pictures? Thank you in advance!!
  4. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    Could you share some info and pics of that front bullbar? Thanks in advance!
  5. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    Could you tell me the part number of your wheels? Gonna have to wait until autumn (I hope) to order the Gladiator in Europe unfortunately, but a family member would be able to ship a set of wheels over in summer and I really would like those to fit. Thank you in advance!
  6. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    @JHTrail, could you post a link to exactly this set of wheels, please? They look absolutely awesome on your Gobi!
  7. Request: Picture of fully reclined seat

    Thank you so much for posting these, @REDBEAST! Much appreciated, sadly sleeping inside the cab seems to not be an option
  8. Request: Picture of fully reclined seat

    Hi guys, I've been searching the interwebs for pictures of the Gladiator's interior with a fully reclined passenger seat in the front, without success. What I am wondering is whether it is possible to fully recline the front passenger seat in the forward-most position and get a plain and...
  9. Out of control JT

    Judging by the mods installed on that rig, his wallet might elaborate further on this topic's meaning...
  10. Full vehicle-lenght hardtop possible?

    Hi folks, I was following all the recent announcements regarding hard- and softtoppers in the making, but so far I am missing something. Does any manufacturer work on a bed topper that utilizes the Gladiator's removable hardtop? There has been a mockup posted on this forum quite a while ago...
  11. What Are You Still Waiting For?

    The Gladiator itself... ... in Germany.
  12. Anticlimactic Sat Night fun!

    The rev limiter that does certainly not come with the capslock key.
  13. The Warthog Mix - Music fitting for a Gladiator

    Queen - Bicycle On a serious note: Anyone mention this one yet? Clutch - The Regulator
  14. Merry Christmas! Gladiator Rescues Santa Claus on Snowy Trail

    Another truely amazing video, thanks Shaun. Would you mind sharing which equipment you use to capture those images?
  15. Working on making a “Jeep Commercial-esque” video here’s what I’ve got so far. ..

    May I ask what equipment you use for filming? Those shots already look very appealing.
  16. New guy here - doing research on Gladiators which will be my first Jeep.

    Hi Mark, Your gladiator looks exactly how I plan to order mine, once it is available in Germany, which is going to be a painful long wait.. Would you mind posting some more pictures of this beauty of yours? This first one has already found its place as my new desktop wallpaper. Loving those...
  17. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    Awesome, thanks for posting those! :rock: