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  1. A hose dragger’s MT JT Mojave Build

    This is what we’re putting on.
  2. LOD Offroad Armor Lite Rear Bumper!!!

    Nice! How are the signature series rock rails coming?
  3. Moab trails may soon be ruled by oil companies

    Well that would suck it’s a beautiful place but for all the ”NIMBYs” WTF are you powering these things with? I’ve been in the patch for 41 years so I know how greasy these oil company’s are but people want good paying jobs and supporting local economies, sign me up. I’ll relocate to Moab.
  4. What was your favorite Jeep (other than the JT)?

    Where to start. Still driving 2007 JKU 185,000 km on 37s (no issues) LJ is in pieces waiting for a streak of ambition to finish putting 5.3 in it.
  5. Good JK Forums?

    There aren’t any. JKOwners got bought by a conglomerate and the rest are shit. Stay away from anything Wayofflife, the guy and his crew are asshats. There’s one good TJ forum, JeepTJForum and this, the rest are bought out and shit. just my opinion take it as you wish. a lot of people bailed to...
  6. Bestop Sunrider Fabric - big difference between Black Diamond and Twill?

    It’s ridiculous! The Bestop half cab for my LJ Was $650. This is a 1/4 the material, no window and way more. Ripoff!
  7. Elephant Hill in the Needles District of Canyonlands, Utah

    Did it with JKU on 37’s 3 times. Width shouldn’t be an issue. Long ass end on the stairs might be. Haven’t been there since 2014 so I’m bit rusty.
  8. LOD Offroad Signature Series Rock Sliders!

    Any update on the Signature Series?
  9. So, what is everybody towing?

    Trailer and dry pine. Probably 5000lbs. Last time I weighed it not as full was 4500lbs. Can feel it on hills. Trans temp came up to 95 deg C from 91.
  10. Max Tow vs Rubicon for Towing

    The taller tires on Rubi affect the gearing compared to max tow. Also the Rubi with auto is good for 7000 lbs not 6. Our 2900 lb trailer dry is 4500 lbs with water, gear and beer.
  11. Moab Run for JT only - Who's Down?

    I remember doing Pritchett Canyon in my 4 door JK on 37’s. That long ass end on JT would take a beating. I imagine the trail is way more beat up now also. I’d love to try it though.
  12. Anyone own a griddle?

    I have a stainless one that covers 2 of the 3 burners on my Camp Chef grill for the trailer. Nothing like it for making breakfast.
  13. Actual tire diameter - a scam?

    It’s just funny to see.
  14. Actual tire diameter - a scam?

    It’s Pi not pie.
  15. bluetooth speaker not charging

    Had Wifeys in to get tonneau cover replaced, they did some flash update on the radio and now the Bluetooth Speaker isn’t charging. The original one wouldn’t pair. This one was great till the update. Back to the shop again I guess.
  16. Finally available! > 2020 Jeep Gladiator Accessories - Trailer Brake Controller - 82215652

    That would be the last thing they said before they weren’t my dealer anymore!!!
  17. someone please explain back spacing to me. Check out this site
  18. Rock Rails Thread

    They look like 2 piece? WTF that’s ridiculous
  19. LOD Offroad Signature Series Rock Sliders!

    Great. Now when you can get a set to Northridge 4X4 in Ponoka Alberta I’ll be all set.
  20. Best motor oil/filter

    The WIX I picked up was a bit longer. I wasn’t taking chances with Wifey’s new Jeep, I picked up a couple of Mopar elements. I run WIX in my JK and LJ.