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  1. Looking for Ideas on how to fit...Bikes, RTT, Kayaks.....

    Looking for ideas, thoughts, racks, build threads, to help figure out how to carry the following in the bed of a JT, without using the hitch. 2 Bikes 2 Kayaks 1 Roof Top Tent Water and Fuel storage Traction board storage Post your pics, yours thoughts, your recommendations, or your links. TIA
  2. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Same boat here, was hoping for a Mojave diesel option. Now it's between a diesel with Rubicon trim or a Mojave with a supercharger kit. Also I am reading that correctly that the Sport Max Tow S is also not available with the diesel?
  3. Summer Shutdown Cancelled at Toledo Plant to Meet Gladiator Demand

    Local dealer has 42 Gladiators on the lot, I don't think there is a shortage, this is just a way for FCA to push more products onto the shoulders of the dealer network.
  4. New Jersey Bestop Sunrider Top- Like New Asking $550

    Pretty much new Bestop Sunrider top for JEEP JL, JLU, JT in Twill, $850 new from Quadratec. Read description here.…/twill-sunrider-hardtop-20-jeep-… Was on the Jeep for about a month. All hardware included. First $550 takes it, pick up in Ocean City, NJ.
  5. Leather vs Cloth Seats

    Leather with heated seats and wheel for the winter, no issues in the summer get a Sunscreen, I have Dirtydog4x4 screens and never get hot seats.
  6. Passed up $8700 off a Launch Edition

    I've got one sitting in my garage for sale for 54k with a Mopar soft top added. 415 miles on it.
  7. How many Gladiators are going to NJ Jeep Invasion?

    Moved to July of 2021.
  8. AEV 2” spacer lift vs Mopar 2”

    I am waiting for the true AEV spring kit, not the spacer kit. They said it's coming, just don't know when. I've ran AEV on almost all my other Jeeps and been super happy, so IMO it's worth the wait.
  9. Tire change/ programmer *advice*

    Tazer all the way, has so many useful features and they are always adding more.
  10. Passed up $8700 off a Launch Edition

    I have a brand new LE for sale here in NJ, has 415 miles on it. I sent you a PM.
  11. tazer or tazer mini?

    The Tazer is discontinued, and replaced with the JL MIN and JL LiteI. Highly recommend it, works as advertised, has a ton of features. This video explains it pretty well.
  12. Long Island Truck Shops

    Check out Globex Performance over in NJ, they do a ton of work for NY customers, ask around it's worth the trip. @Globexradice can help you out.
  13. East Coast

    The East Coast and the Northeast are full of overlanding opportunities, you just have to look for them a little harder than everything the West has to offer.
  14. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Factory Tonneau?
  15. AmFib Low Mount Snorkel?

    Does it change the wind flow of the Jeep and make the soft top rattle? Had the AEV snorkel on my JK and it changed the airflow on the Jeep so much it rattled the soft top!
  16. Interior Mesh Storage

    Also works as storage above the rear seats.