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  1. Urban Scrambler Build

    Lol...small world. Stop in and say Hi some time.
  2. Black Friday Gladiator Badge Sale

    Our Gladiator Badges are on sale until Friday at midnight....get yours ordered now!
  3. Urban Jeep - 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator Tailgate Badging Kits

    Our Black Friday sale is now active...
  4. Urban Scrambler Build

    We certainly can replicate this build for anyone, but this was the only Scrambler we've built to date.
  5. Tailgate Badging - Firecracker Red Mojave

    It's a very close match. There are no published formulas for the colors Jeep uses on any of this so I've had to come up with my own in order to duplicate the color as close as humanity possibe.
  6. Barry's 21 Urban Gladiator

    We did this build for a client from West Chester NY. Per our clients request we added a 4" lift with 22's and 37's, added a custom leather interior and our Signature Black Trail Coat paint job along with orange accents on the dash panels as well as in the exterior. We also added some Fab Fours...
  7. Which tailgate badge kit do you like best

    Thanks for the shout out...🙏
  8. Urban Jeep - 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator Tailgate Badging Kits

    Besides no instructions or template to properly and easily install the letters, what other issues are people having?
  9. Urban Scrambler Build

    That is a FabFours rear bumper
  10. Urban Scrambler Build

    Yes this is the standard black hardtop that we smooth and painted
  11. Urban Scrambler Build

    Alea Leather
  12. Urban Scrambler Build

    Thank you.... 🙏
  13. Urban Gladiator Builds...

    Just a small sample of our work...
  14. New Jersey 2020 JL Custom by Urban Jeep

    For Sale... 2020 JL 2.0L Auto, 4k miles full custom built by my shop Urban Jeep. The list of mods is attached in the photos. Asking $65k. Call 844.872.2655 Mon to Fri or email us @ [email protected] for more info. We currently have this Jeep at Route 46 Jeep in Little Falls NJ. They...
  15. Urban Jeep - 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator Tailgate Badging Kits

    Good Morning Forum : As a new Vendor on the forum I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and show you some of our products for the Gladiator. Besides being a custom builder we also make custom tailgate badge kits. We currently offer 3 different versions, including a specific kit for the...
  16. Urban Scrambler Build

  17. Shop Gladiator

    This is my son's 2021 Max Tow build. This Gladiator started life black and we coated it Pepsi Blue in our Trail Coat paint finish. On this build we're running a Readylift 4" kit with 20's and 40's. We still have to regear and do the interior but customer works come first so hopefully we'll get...
  18. About us

    Yes....they're cut on a laser.
  19. Urban Scrambler Build

    Since we are new to the forums I thought I would share some of our Gladiator builds. This one is a modern take on the Scrambler