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  1. Black Friday Deals

    Have you received it yet? How long from order to delivery?
  2. Should I go Rubicon or Mojave?

    I would add one more thing: Diesel? Rubicon. But if you go that route, expect to have to lift the front a couple inches because they bottom out on a dime.
  3. Black Friday Deals

    Order a RR Arcus bumper from Extreme Terrain on Sunday, arrived today. Paid more than Morris had them advertised for but delivered in 3 days no hassle- I'll take it!
  4. Gladiator diesel real life MPG

    This is my experience. Quite a disappointment between that and the way the vehicle randomly detunes itself when I want it the most, but at least I've got that diesel payment!
  5. Slammed custom JT

    I wouldn't wear it, but it looks good on you...
  6. Black Friday Deals

    Well now I'll be pissed because I called to see if it was one or the other because the specifics between the two ads differ. Edit: Contacted Morris. They're out of the overrider bumper and said they'd cancel my order so we'll see. Did order one from Extreme Terrain but without the juicy...
  7. Black Friday Deals

    From my understanding, you have a choice between the overrider bar or a winch plate. At least that's how it was explained to me by the guy at Morris.
  8. Black Friday Deals

    Maybe they like you better? Been checking every day since Wednesday and intermittently for a couple weeks.
  9. Looking for a fabricator in the CFL area

    to put a step/ nerf bar on my rock rails.
  10. Black Friday Deals

    Looking for a deal on full length "angled down" steps ala Rock Hard Patriot or *gulp* Hooke Road.
  11. Black Friday Deals

    Morris 4x4 has 20% off for BF. Just ordered an Arcus bumper for 502.xx delivered. I know Amazon has them for 480 after a $50 mail-in rebate, but for $20 I'll not have to deal with what is more often than not a intentional hassle collecting the MIR, I get to patronize an industry specific...
  12. Clayton Offroad Overland Lift Kit

    Wow, 3.5" looks up there with 35s. And no steps!
  13. Where do you stand on a citizens use of deadly force?

    I'm no fan of the NRA as it currently sits but that doesn't mean I'm going to blame them for what they did not do.
  14. Where do you stand on a citizens use of deadly force?

    Ever heard of the "Eddie Eagle" program? Created and promoted by the NRA to teach gun safety to school kids. A program that was drubbed out of schools by liberals because its existence legitimized gun ownership, and the price of dead kids was worth delegitimizing that. "Needing" training and...
  15. Article: top price premiums paid for new vehicles -- JT is 4th on list

    Not necessarily. If the vehicle is worth 40 and the buyout is 30 then you get the difference minus sales tax on the buyout and disposition fee if you choose to turn around and sell it. is a great resource. Initially I was going to lease my gladiator because it was a great deal if...
  16. Get a duck yet?

    Thank you!
  17. Get a duck yet?

    After a month of ownership, got ducked for the first time during my birthday get-together at our favorite restaurant.
  18. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Great pics! The sky is the same color as your Gladiator. Did the Mopar lift shift your axles to the side?
  19. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    Who doesn't love the criers crying about the crying.
  20. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    You're a hoot at parties, aintcha?