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  1. Dear Bestop…

    Yes please...please !
  2. Urban Scrambler Build

    Great all around. Love the dash, very much makes it a Scrambler. We almost bought a version of that but ended up making my own version.
  3. Gorilla Glass. Yes or No?

    I'm on my 2nd broken one. Gorilla for me next I guess.
  4. Texas Austin area Sunrider top. Local pick up only.

    The threads where separating a bit. Hardly noticeable. I put thread glue on it. Been fine since. No leaking ever. Just a good deal at half the price if you are looking for one.
  5. Texas Sold: Austin area Sunrider top. Local pick up only.

    I have a top with a slight blemish by the passenger corner (see photos). Figured someone here wouldn't mind having it since the top works and looks perfect otherwise. Bestop sent me a new one. Going to use the funds for other upgrades. $450 with all hardware in box. Like this one ...
  6. Texas RockBlokz Mudflaps

    I have the same ones. Excellent and cab be removed easy when not needed. I just leave mine on.
  7. Warranty clain on Sunrider .

    Kudos to Bestop. I sent an email with photos and description of a hole developing on the passenger side of the Sunrider. Received an automatic response that they are busy and would get to me. After 3 weeks I gave a call. A not very friendly gentleman told me in a few minutes of discussion that...
  8. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Update : 13 K miles on the tires. 28K miles on the jeep Was having a bit of vibration last weekend on a toll road at 85mph(texas) Reminded me to rotate and balance. Did find a small nail on one tire. Fixed. Rotated and balaced. Forgot how smooth this tires can be. Have been great for wheeling...
  9. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Let's get some 1000 mile opinions. Maybe some towing information.
  10. Largest Tire size, max tow without lift.

    I have a max tow. Bought shocks and springs off a rubicon for $300 on Craigslist. Added a half inch spacer to the front . Now I run Kenda Klever 35x10.50. Tow 5K pounds all over TX and CO without issues.
  11. Seriously Jeep, just a little overkill

    Good idea. No "gobi" color, so it won't work for me.
  12. We are driving around the world in our Jeep Gladiator we call DAUNTLESS

    Definitely worth watching this video. Great couple. I'll be following you and rooting for your fun and safe travels. I'm an Ecuador expert so get in touch when you get there. I'll give you some hints.
  13. Slight pull to the right...can't figure it out.

    Mine still pulls even after the steering fix. Getting used to it. Not right but just tired of trying to get it resolved.
  14. Slight pull to the right...can't figure it out.

    Had the steering box changed last week. They did and alignment at the same time. Still pulling to the right. Decreased psi to 35 on the front left and have 40 psi on front right. Still pulls but just a bit less. Frustrated.
  15. RV Towing

    I live in Texas, so lots of highway miles before I get to my preferred camping spots in AR, NM, CO. Max tow on 35s pulls my 3800# (5000# when actually traveling) great till 55mph. After that the engine struggles alot. Wind makes a huge difference if coming from the front.. If I was to do it...

    A few videos on you tube. Heat gun and vinyl tool at first. The Go-Gone for the glue. Lots of elbow grease and time.
  17. GOBI Gladiator JT Club

    Did some off roading at Big Bend NP. Did great on sand and rocky ledges.
  18. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Love, love the tires. Quiet, great traction on dry, mud and snow. Surprised I get a good bit of sliding on wet roads. Its controlled, doesn't give all the way out, but does slide. About 5K miles so far. Still look new.