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  1. Disappointed

    Perhaps humility set in and the silliness of the thread is the reason….OR he sobered up and doesn’t remember this.🤭
  2. Dog co-pilot help.

    Do you have a cab divider/net installed? How old is the dog? How many times has the dog been in the JT? Do you have any comfort beds or toys from your home in the vehicle? I have experience, maybe with some more info I may provide some help. Remember, a dog feeds off and reacts to the owners...
  3. Rust! Is it just me?

    I wouldn’t do a damn thing. This is the manufacturers problem until off that initial warranty. They can replace the hardware and clean up the rust residue. While you are waiting, eat all their donuts, drink their coffee and test drive the crap out of a TRX.😂
  4. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    See now that’s all very reasonable expectations, so good on you Bill. Small town or smaller dealerships certainly give off a better vibe.
  5. Steering Stabilizer

    Tons of info here already on this. Search steering stabilizer then….. 🍿🍺
  6. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    Oh don’t you know it. At the local Jeep dealer here they are building an addition to the dealership just for the Grand Wagoneers. There are going to have to “up” their appearance/attitude for these customers. Currently when walking into the service department and smelling the fast food being...
  7. DIY Fix or Dealer/Insurance?

    Well they are an option so they would be available. But they are a ridiculous price for half a door. There are aftermarket possibilities as well. But, you will have no security with them if that’s all you have. So I suppose if you park in secure areas or are not worried about possible theft...
  8. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    Sounds like you have a great relationship with a very good dealership.
  9. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    You sir are a service department’s description of a “pain in the ass”. Demanding special treatment without an appointment. So those that have appointments should now have to wait for you to be slotted in ahead of them. Geez.
  10. Fix it myself or take it to the dealer?

    I believe Genesis does something similar. Guess that’s why they are classified as premium brands.
  11. Gladiator 4xe Hybrid PHEV Not Coming Until 2024MY: Report

    Jeep has said ALL models will have some sort of electrification by 2025. There will have to be some sort of major mods for the JT to go full EV as mentioned already. So more likely 4xe. Which if anything like the current version in the JLU, pass. Horrible transition from EV to ICE, very coarse...
  12. DIY Fix or Dealer/Insurance?

    Gets some Bondo, rattle can matched paint and call it good, it’s a beater now. OR, there’s this thing called insurance, pay the deductible, get it fixed professionally and call it a day.🤔
  13. 2021 Gladiator with Nav problems

    Maybe your Nav knows something about your in-laws, and is trying to save you.😂
  14. Slammed custom JT

    It’s all about the functionality. 🤔 Every rotation of the wheels could be deemed rock crawling…..over pebbles.😂
  15. Disappointed

    What a disappointment? Really? Wow!
  16. Slammed custom JT

    Saw this on
  17. Why no aerodynamic aftermarket bumpers?

    🍿🍺 Better MPG on the brick…..🤔
  18. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Sale

    Maybe that was the final position when it was fully tightened?
  19. How good are 40's for daily driving?

    I had a 750cc and upgraded to a 1200cc. 🏍
  20. So I went to the local Jeep dealer today....

    Take her to a Volvo dealer, higher end with pretty colours.😉