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  1. NEW! SS3 LED Pods for Jeep Gladiators! | Diode Dynamics

    @Diode Dynamics Any images of the SS3 amber backlight I’m seeing listed on the ordering page?
  2. THE WAIT IS OVER...THE SS5 LED IS HERE | Diode Dynamics

    I had been planning on buying BD LP6's but these look very interesting. @Diode Dynamics - These are showing as a pre-order but any chance they'll be in your black Friday sale?
  3. Sirius Guardian cellular service renewal -- not bad

    Via the occasionally reliable UConnect App, Guardian gives remote start and some "maintenance" related data. Also gives some possibly valuable SOS features (notify in event of collision or breakdown) along with "locate my vehicle" including setting geo-fenced boundaries & speed alerts (possibly...
  4. Sirius Guardian cellular service renewal -- not bad

    Just adding an update in case anyone else is searching this topic... I let my Guardian "services" expire and just like the S/XM Sat radio subscription BS, I've already gotten an email for $155 for one year of Guardian. Plan to play the game - wait, call, whatever - just never pay their initial...
  5. Cplay2air keeps randomly disconnecting.

    My buddy’s ‘21 Rubicon will only work using dash port… meanwhile my July 2019 built Mojave works fine in center console. Both have 8.4, go figure 🤔
  6. Cplay2air keeps randomly disconnecting.

    Do you have the CP2A box plugged into the center console USB or the USB on the dash? I’ve seen similar issues when people are using the console USB.
  7. Mojave light bar??

    @MichiganMojave - what brackets are those?
  8. Tazer JL Mini Brakes Locked Up Unintentionally Multiple Times

    Came to post about the new release. Considering the Tazer is meant to modify factory programming, it's really nice to see updates & improvements released multiple times per year. I had a question when I first received mine last year - sent a text and got a reply at 11:30pm. Probably like many...
  9. Any feedback on the Baja Designs Dual Control 30" Bar?

    @ThatStinging_Jeep So you were happy overall with the dual control 30" bar? Did the center white section add enough illumination when you weren't using the amber sections? (ie-did you wish the whole bar was white?)
  10. Any feedback on the Baja Designs Dual Control 30" Bar?

    I've been looking at this for awhile now as well as some other 30" bars. Seems pretty hard to beat BD's quality and warranty. I like the dual control concept and the amber outers/white center with the...
  11. Connecticut WTB - MOPAR Steel Front & Rear Bumper(s)

    Wanted - MOPAR Steel Front & Rear Bumper(s) Will be in the CT/NY area for the next few months.
  12. NEW: Skid Plate LED Aux *Limited Group buy*

    Guaranteed compatible with Mojave?
  13. LOL - Every 2021 Ford Bronco With a Hardtop Needs a New One "Ford itself says these Webasto-supplied tops suffer from quality issues that create an “unsatisfactory appearance when exposed to...
  14. Auxiliary LED Reverse Lights (Integrated Rear Bumper)

    Info I received indicated extension cables should be restocked around 7/30.
  15. Build Orders On Hold till June or July???

    Local Jeep dealer told me yesterday that the factory is only building sold orders at this time. They're not building vehicles for dealer stock until sold orders receive first production priority. Not sure how long this will last but factory rep said "at least a few months." They're putting...
  16. Overpriced ARB CKMTP12 900 dollar portable Air compressor alternative

    @athous - please give us an update. I’d join the gb too if his feedback is positive.
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Link please?
  18. Mopar LED Headlights

    If you’re looking aftermarket and you live drive in snow, choose a set with heated lenses. I wish my OEM LED set was heated.