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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I only installed the rear seats. Those do not come with molle webbing. Only the fronts do.
  2. Satellite Phones

    Add another recommendation for the Garmin inReach. Multiple device options for dedicated inReach to more traditional GPS units with inReach functionality. I have the Garmin 66i and use it while hunting, hiking, and general outdoorsing in the mountains.
  3. Grabber ATX vs Ridge Grapplers - $60 difference

    Wanted the Generals, but they were on backorder. @Discount Tire hooked me up with some Goodyear Ultraterrains quick, though. They've been great so far, looking forward to getting them into some snow.
  4. CavFab Crawler (Mid Width) JT Gladiator Front Bumper

    How heavy is this bumper with hoop and no skid plate?
  5. Threedom Team Introduction

    All of my "mods" so fare are mostly personalization touches, so I loved that you all offer so many options for multiple little bits that are often overlooked. Great touches on a fantastic vehicle.
  6. Threedom Team Introduction

    Got my 4-button Model M, key hole covers, and wiper covers in the mail today. Immediately got the FOB all set up and I love it so far! Outstanding work.
  7. Cargo storage

    There a special DeWalt case or just a similarly sized case from a big box store? Still trying to work out my bed storage solution, so open to all ideas, but definitely need it mounted (awaiting what USMC shows us with the pics)
  8. Cargo storage

    following. Really want to pull the trigger on these cases, but would prefer a dedicated Trail Rail mount option.
  9. Need WINTER Tire recommendations for 2021 Willy’s Diesel—KO2’s NOT cutting it!!

    Based on the Internet, the following non-KO2 or dedicated winter tires for you would be: Heavier: Falken Wildpeak AT3W Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T (Good luck finding these) Lighter: Goodyear Ultraterrains - basically upgraded Duratracs (Discount Tire exclusive) General Grabber ATX (Good...
  10. Colorado Sold: Mojave AT Takeoffs, 185mi, Set of 5, $750

    Full set of 5 Falken Wildpeak ATs, tires only. 285/70r17. 185 miles on the 4, 0 miles on the spare. $750, OBO. SE Denver metro area. Willing to meet within a reasonable distance, depending on the circumstances.
  11. Better air filter?

    Following up on this since I just bought a Mojave and am looking for a snorkel: Not sure if it's a new development, but Hauk's website says their expedition snorkels fit the Mojave...
  12. Do you even newbie? Ask stupid questions here.

    Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
  13. Anyone know of a colorado dealer giving big discounts?

    Castle Rock CDJR was offering invoice + $500 at one point, but no idea if they still are. Best bet is to look at Idaho, Tennessee, or Virigina.
  14. Built this Gladiator bed partition / drywall-plywood holder

    I haven't made a divider yet, just got the Jeep on Wednesday, but I'd be down for some vinyl options.
  15. 1086lb Payload capacity, Mojave. What?

    Oh yeah. '21 Mojave, auto, selec-trac, 8.4" radio, LEDs, cold weather pkg, front cam, freedom top, bed liner, tow pkg, aux switches = 1071 payload.
  16. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Between yesterday and today I installed Bartact rear seat covers (wife did most of the work since my elbow is currently shot), and some vinyl decals from @pixeldecals . Unfortunately, my Godzilla windshield decal didn't make it. Bottom of the windshield is a weird angle. Going to order...
  17. Black Friday Deals

    JCR Off-road is running 10% off MOLLE panels.
  18. ACE JT Rock Sliders $135 Off!

    OR, and hear me out here... the cost of source materials, possibly labor, and any number of factors also went up - perhaps their production is down because of those same issues. If you can make a widget for $1 and sell it for $3, everybody wins. But if it now costs you $3 to make that same...
  19. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    For sure. I watched some YouTube vids on it as well. Got a decal for the dash and a Godzilla for the windshield, too. Will redo the hood when I decide what I want to put. Currently between a few different options.
  20. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    NICE!! I'm putting on fender vent decals this weekend and get new tires on Wednesday.