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  1. Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator Builds of SEMA 2021 - Video

    Bummed I didn’t see any with a nice trailing arm upgrade and built up better for bigger high speed whoops. Especially considering the Mojave trim was designed as a baseline for that
  2. Anyone running the Fox 3.0’s?

    how much wheel travel do you have? I ask because I have 16 in with my 2.5’s that have the 12in shock stroke. The 3.0 is a 9.42 shock stroke so I’d be losing a lot of wheel travel which is most critical for high speed desert
  3. Mojave Bump Stop Engage Early?

    I don’t have the Mojave but sometimes when I hit a big rut I hear a think from the driver side as well. I’ve heard it when I got my Sport with a factory installed mopar lift, and after ive upgraded to the fox 2.5’s on all 4 corners + fox 2.0 bump stops on all 4 corners. I don’t hear it all the...
  4. Best Experiences Unique to Southern California in a Gladiator

    yeah sunset is the worst for wind, other than that it's pretty good. every time ive gone it's been windy AF from about 6-9pm, so make sure you take down your ez up's haha. We would do a bunch of night runs at take badass night photos with and without the moon. My profile pic is of us there with...
  5. Easy rollbar speaker upgrade for Alpine Premium system

    One thing I’ve noticed is the stock 5” system carry’s great bass at low volumes and covers a huge frequency range that I didn’t expect. However, anything past 9 on volume and roll bar speakers are exceeding their capacity. To fix this I picked up an Alphasonik 8” sub that fits easily under the...
  6. SOCAL Gladiator meet/trail run

    Tomorrow as in Tuesday the 12th correct?
  7. Best Experiences Unique to Southern California in a Gladiator

    There’s a ton up the 395 as well. Been all over that area. Cerro Gordo ghost town is pretty cool to check out, then continue on those trails and you can see into Death Valley while at 10,000 ft. elevation
  8. SOCAL Gladiator meet/trail run

    I’m out in in the desert often, just found this page today so I’ll keep you guys posted on the next one. I’m also preparing for a 3 month sabbatical so chances are I’ll post something fun in the new year
  9. Looking for a shop in Los Angeles to install lift/shocks

    Details on the lift?
  10. Magnuson supercharger for sale 2020 GLADIATOR (COSTA MESA) CA

    What’s the reason for selling?
  11. Stiffer Springs vs Air Bags vs New Suspension

    If your rear is bouncy you need different shocks. Bouncy indicates not enough compression or rebound control or both.
  12. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    awesome, I can definitely appreciate the sound analogy!
  13. Anyone running the Fox 3.0’s?

    you dont need them to jump. I jumped my JT sport many times with only the Mopar lift with the fox shocks that came with it. Then I upgraded to DSC's along with a lift to gain more suspension travel and landing the jumps definitely felt more comfortable. The other high speed desert type things I...
  14. Mojave Folks or anyone else that wants to chime in... How fast is too fast?!

    I've jumped my sport at 70mph with only the Mopar lift. That trashed my rear bump stops but all else was fine. You can definitely jump the Mojave with no issue. I've since built my JT up with 4in lift, Fox 2.5DSC, Fox bump stops on all 4 corners and a few other things and this thing flys now.
  15. Mojave Folks or anyone else that wants to chime in... How fast is too fast?!

    After recently riding in a TT I'd estimate it at least 100mph.
  16. The most overloaded JT I have come across

    I've broken my bump stops, the do break as they are attached to the frame in a simple sheet metal welded assembly.
  17. Anyone running the Fox 3.0’s?

    Here's a ok quality slow-mo of a jump I was messing with in Trona Pinnacles. I have other videos you can check out too of other jumps along with a short description of the trucks configuration. 70% of the time I'm in the desert so I know I would benefit from a bypass shock, the question is...
  18. Anyone running the Fox 3.0’s?

    I'm running the 2.5 DSC's right now mainly because they have longer shock travel options. Front is 11.17 rear is 11.975, and am running the 2.0 IFP bump stops on all 4 corners. Reason I stick with the 2.5's is because of more shock travel. They can be stiffer with a re-valve which I'm hoping to...
  19. Desert Racing suspension

    I forgot about this post! I’m running their 2.5’s right now with 12in of front and 14.5in of rear wheel travel. The shocks on the rear only have a 12in stroke but because of the moment arm geometry you end up with 14.5, which is what I’ve strapped them to. I. Now trying to see if I can fit 3.0...