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  1. Step options?

    More importantly the WIFE loves them. I love them because they covered up the ugly a$$ spot weld seam at the bottom!
  2. Step options?

    Rough County here.
  3. Looking for a front bumper

    I asked my sister what she was thinking.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Well we made it to another Thanksgiving with all thats going on. I thank God everyday for those that have the desire to want to do good and live what they all call the good life, while putting in the effort to accomplish that. Having said, I thank yall for just giving me something to read and at...
  5. Veteran's Day

    Well said, my dad and I have had this conversation many times. It's hard at times to fight for people that don't understand or care what the meaning of freedom is. Thank you for all your FAMILY has done!
  6. Veteran's Day

    I'll have 3 for you, the other 3 are for my dad! And I don't even drink!
  7. Veteran's Day

    Thanks to all our Veterans!
  8. Show Us Your Bumpers!

    Went with the RC also, love it.
  9. Warranty or not?

    I got one on my Ram, and when the dreaded Hemi Tick got me the warranty company ended up paying $2500 over what my initial purchase of the warranty was to replace the lifters and cam. So is it worth it? If you have a major needed repair it most definitely is. Can you predict the future? I...
  10. White letter tires

    Have them on my jeep, but would be a hell no my Ram!
  11. CavFab Introduction and JT Forum Discount!

    MAN, David, I'm gonna let you tell my wife this time. Last time I had to tell her where the $ was going - she was mad! WELCOME!
  12. Biggest tire on stock Willy Rims

    Thats what discount tire told me.
  13. Trying to learn more about the Texas Trail edition.

    Didn't say anything about talking to anyone. Your looking at the truck.
  14. Trying to learn more about the Texas Trail edition.

    When you can't get a visual from the build sheet, the best thing to do is go to a dealer that has some and check them out. Houston and surrounding areas have them. I was looking at one before I got my Willy.
  15. Side steps/rails etc. what are you all runnin ?

    Went with the RC contoured as well. The wife is short and didn't want to replace the seat the first year!
  16. My Gecko Gladiator showed up today!

    Like father like son! Now I'm watching to see which one of you get the MODS started 1st!
  17. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    YES I'M 1002!🇺🇸