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  1. Dash Cam on Display

    I don't think Brand matters as long as the dash cam has a Video out port. I didn't find many that did.
  2. Dash Cam on Display

    Camera - Camera Hardwire Kit - Z Automotive RCA...
  3. Dash Cam on Display

    I managed to install a dash cam and connect it to the 8.4" display. I can post all \ any details if anyone is interested. I have one other thing to do if it is possible. Does anyone know if the time out settings for the cargo cam can be over ridden? I have my dash cam hooked up to the Cargo...
  4. SGW bypass cables

    Thanks for the quick response. Definitely agree with removing before dealer visit. but that should be less times than when I make changes, since its a new toy and I am exploring the options.
  5. SGW bypass cables

    I've searched the forums high and low. Maybe too broad, maybe too exact, I see a lot of discussion about the Security Gateway Bypass Cables but haven't seen an answer to this. I have the JT Overland. I recently bought the Vlinker MC+, the sgw bypass cable and the license for Jscan. All works...