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  1. Nobody waves anymore.

  2. Anyone remove gladiator tailgate badge

    Not without filling them first.
  3. Is there some kind of 'rivalry' with Tacoma owners??

    I've taken to noticing that when some driver pisses me off, it's almost always either a toyota or a chivolay. There does indeed seem to be certain types that buy those things.
  4. Dealer Oil Change Issue

    I wouldn't trust a stealership to wash the windshield.
  5. Map update

    Their "updates" are worthless. The last time (only time) I bought their crap, it was worthless. The update missed several new roads and bridges in my area that had been completed 3 years earlier. Never again!
  6. Holy hood scoops Batman

    Sure are a lot of sour grapes this year.
  7. Nobody waves anymore.

    But the 04-06s were 2dr.
  8. North Carolina Black cloth seat covers from a Overland

    $100 work for you?
  9. North Carolina Black cloth seat covers from a Overland

    I"m open to offers.
  10. North Carolina Black cloth seat covers from a Overland

    Hmmm....I think I do. I didn't sell them, so they're probably still around.
  11. Jeep: give us a new power plant!

    Does great for me! I can't imagine needing more power from the engine.
  12. Brake applies when door is open

    It's not an answer to the quesion that was asked.
  13. Brake applies when door is open

    It doesn't even have to be the little "key" looking thing. Just a simple (short) seat belt extender will do the same thing. Then you are covered whether you have the belt on or off. PS....It also eliminates that annoying seat belt warning light and beeper.
  14. To the guy that backed into my tow hook… lmao

    A guy in a minivan got me last night. I was at a stoplight, and as soon as it turned green, the guy behind me took off. My trailerhitch saved me, but made a mess of his front grill and bumper. I'm tempted to get one of JetSkiJeff's torture devices for mine.
  15. Can the front seats be lowered?

    "unless" is the key word there. Not everybody is like you are. Questions like this come up all the time, and there's always the smartasses that pipe up with "you don't need that". If you dont have a constructive answer to the question/problem, why not just let it alone!? (I know....that's...
  16. Can the front seats be lowered?

    That response was neither asked for or appreciated.
  17. Tuscadero Jeep Wrangler announced

    Then you'd be "TheFatPinkPanther".?
  18. Finally…the Gladiator is home!

    Stock is real nice.