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  1. Hi Lift 48 or 60?

    I've got a 48" one mounted to my roll bar. It's one of those things that I don't think I'll ever use, but I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Ive got one of the bottle jack / stand combos that some of the other guys have mentioned, and the AEV Jack base for the OEM...
  2. These switch knob covers any good?

    I ordered a set of red ones and they arrived today, but they're an ugly salmon pink.. cheapo anodizing. Considered painting them but I'm just gonna go ahead and send em back. Glad to hear others have liked them, maybe the other colors come out nicer or I got a fluke.
  3. Steering Stabilizer

    In my case, I have the Fox 2.0 version, and it reduced a lot of the play in the steering. Its my understanding that this is more of a bandaid rather than addressing the root cause, which is believed by most to be the steering box and other related steering components, but yea, my steering...
  4. Black Friday Deals

    Those two parts, the metal versions that JCR says you need, are both on sale on MyMoparParts right now for ~$10 off for each one, ends up being like $22 off in total. The Left hand side one is out of stock, but you can order anyways. Part numbers: 68290524AA and 68290527AA
  5. Rear Window (Hardtop) Mod ??

    This is really, really cool. I dig it. For me, summer mode is front doors off, maybe the front freedom panels, but I leave the rear doors and hardtop on - I like being able to throw groceries in the backseat without them flying out, have a place to toss a hoodie, etc. The backseat kinda becomes...
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy turkey day y'all. Hope everyone has a good and safe holiday.
  7. Black Friday Deals

    This picture is from an Ebay seller that has these same switch panels available (...for ~$350!!!) I have received mine and opened the box and looked and was pretty happy but havent had time to do the install yet. I was planning on attempting the install with the single cubby, I dont really see...
  8. Black Friday Deals

    Those Redline Tuning struts are AWESOME. I thought they were a lil overpriced when I got them, but man, they are solid. The install was quick and easy and they are surprisingly secure. They handle the weight of the hood very easily and its REALLY nice not having to work around the prop stick...
  9. Skid plate for underbed spare tire?

    All jokes aside, I'm totally serious here, I was significantly inebriated about 2 months ago, and purchased a stop sign on amazon for this exact purpose. It's sitting in my darn garage now as Ive been struggling to think of the best way to actually use it - considered running a hole saw...
  10. @ShadowsPapa

  11. How tiny would 33” tires look on a 3.5” lift?

    My 2 cents - I originally was going to go with a 2.5" / 1" kit, but I wanted to add extra height to account for sag that would be caused once I loaded up the truck - Steel bumpers front and back, roll bar, winch, etc etc.. it actually worked out pretty well, and a little extra room never hurt.
  12. How tiny would 33” tires look on a 3.5” lift?

    Ive been pretty happy with it. I read a lot about different brands and options and what people were reporting on their ride quality before I pulled the trigger. I went with this kit and chose the M95 shocks, the more expensive of the two options, ended up being ~$1k in total. I chose this kit...
  13. How tiny would 33” tires look on a 3.5” lift?

    Thanks yall. Its not awful, and to most people it seems to look just fine, but if youre a truck person and you look at it too long youre like "Hmm... needs 35s!" Plus side, I never have to worry about tires rubbing...
  14. How tiny would 33” tires look on a 3.5” lift?

    This is mine, Skyjacker 3.5" front / 2" rear lift with the stock 33`s In the same boat, planning to go 35`s once these wear out and Ive saved for regearing.
  15. Does anyone know what kind of bolt this is?

    FYI, They do have a set of 3/8 E-Torx sockets available on the cheap at Harbor Freight.
  16. Desert Does It - Front Multimount Panel - Anyone using it?

    If you go this route, Id like to see what you use - Quick fist, etc. Ive been pondering the same, but want to make sure that thing is SECURE so in case of an accident or something it wont go flying.
  17. Anyone know what this is for???

    Could you elaborate on this? Are you referring to the Jeep App or a web service? Sounds like something id like to do.
  18. Black Friday Deals

    No problem, thanks! Im actually going to be installing a bed outlet soon, and Ill be running some wiring from the battery to the bed - I may just tie in a 3rd wire to use as 12v+ for the bed lights, and later on Ill connect it to my aux switches when I install. Will think about it when Ive got...
  19. Black Friday Deals

    Okay you got me, officially adding this to my shopping list: @BAT, mind sharing a photo of where you mounted the switch?
  20. Black Friday Deals

    Doh! I went back to their page, there definitely IS a picture of them. Ill have to go check mine later. Another $60 for those would be a bummer, but I kinda like the idea of replacing plastic with metal, sounds more secure. I wonder if the parts change was purely material cost, or the design is...