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  1. Looking for LED Fender lights that fit Gladiator Sport S

    I got these ( and have been running them for over a year with out any issues, and I think they look really cool. I also get a lot of comments from people about them as well.
  2. Cloth Seats vs. Leather Seats Package

    The steering wheel is based on which version of the JT you get, not the seating material.
  3. Cloth Seats vs. Leather Seats Package

    My 2020 Sport S came with black cloth. I’ve had it for just over a year and upgraded to PRP seat covers. The cloth is nice, I just don’t like all black interiors. Feels like I’m sitting in a void. As far as the cloth material itself, it’s very very high quality and isn’t cheap nor scratchy...
  4. Retro Bumper

    If I’m not mistaken, but I believe Quadratec fabricated that themselves for their YJL Build (which is what you have pictured), along with a lot of other body panels. I don’t think anybody sells something like that, but I’m sure a local fab shop could do something similar to that for you.
  5. Gladiator 4xe Hybrid PHEV Not Coming Until 2024MY: Report

    JL is due for a Mid-Cycle update in 2023. Which would translate to JT Mid-cycle update for 2024. That should mean Uconnect5 and 4Xe gen2.
  6. Mojave seat covers

    I have the PRP seat covers, but from what I understand from others who have gotten them, they don’t offer them for the Mojave at the moment.
  7. Car Fax Email about a Recall (3.6)

    I too received the same email. Ran it through Mopar recall vin checker- nothing found. I’m just gonna hold off until I get an official recall letter from Mopar or I experience the issue myself.
  8. Dang! Even Gorilla Glass wouldn't have helped with this rock to the windshield!

    Most reasonable explanation I can think of is it came off a truck/trailer that was traveling in the opposite direction as the Jeep.
  9. Just saw this on Instagram, Tailgate brake light concept.

    OP this is an Oracle concept for a tailgate panel to match their flush mount lights, and was designed to replicate the racetrack taillights on Dodge’s. Here’s the link to their post;
  10. IDK, wild wrapped wreck?

    That wrap is definitely unique for sure! As far as the crash goes, it looks like the Jeep was street parked. Highlander driver got distracted and drove into the left front of the Jeep throwing the highlander on its side.
  11. Let’s talk about sunvisors…

    I just replaced my driver side about 2 months ago because it was hanging down. I’d push it back into the roof, but every bump it would jump back down. Dealer looked at it and noticed the passenger side (which has only ever been folded down to remove the freedom panels) was starting to fail as...
  12. Drivers with Vanity plates don't seem to worry, so why do you?

    This was taken at my local grocery store last Sunday. I didn’t get a chance to find out what bumper they had, sadly.
  13. Does this make sense to anyone else?

    If you just had a major temperature swing (Hot to cold or cold to hot) that is usually the easiest way to set those off. My left front is throwing a PSI warning. Started earlier this week when a cold front came through, went from 75 in the day to low 50’s at night. Last few days we’ve barely...
  14. Clock in Wrong Time Zone

    In the clock settings there’s an option to select DST. I believe there’s an automatic setting as well. That probably got switched off at some point, but that should set it to the correct time.
  15. Halogen Headlights are terrible

    I’ve had these...
  16. Jeep Launches Jeep Graphic Studio for Gladiator Owners to Buy Custom Graphics / Decals

    As nice as this is, the prices on some of these (albeit limited) decals and inserts are overpriced. Who’s going to spend $250 on a shifter insert? As far as decals go, @pixeldecals offers high quality decals for really great value, and a pretty unlimited level of customization.
  17. What do you guys think? PRP Seat Covers

    Yeah the tweed wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. It was more “mesh lawn chair” than the tweed I was expecting (like what you find in Volvo’s). I would’ve gone with the suede, but PRP doesn’t offer that material in red. I just can’t wait to get mine and install them!
  18. What do you guys think? PRP Seat Covers

    Those look great! What are your thoughts on the tweed so far? I ordered a sample of red tweed but wasn’t totally blown away by how it felt.
  19. What do you guys think? PRP Seat Covers

    Yeah I’m sure it’s probably just cause of the shipping and material situation these days. The look and quality of them definitely makes it worth the price of entry. It’s just waiting is the worst part!
  20. What do you guys think? PRP Seat Covers

    You ordered July 20th and they only recently arrived? Cause that’s a 3 month lead time, which I hope isn’t the case! I was told 10 weeks from order placed to when they ship.