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  1. POS Jeep. Check your floor drain plug!

    the wings are OK though, right, can't have messed up wings, that would be wrong in so many ways
  2. Gorilla Glass Warranty Claim

    Where I am (vancouver Island Canada) if your vehicle did not come with the GG as per the VIN they wont even do the replacement at the shop unless it is completely out of pocket, I tried to get my normal windshield replaced with GG when I had a huge crack, and just pay the difference after...
  3. Quick trail run in my hood

    I would have to make sure I brought my kayak if I went out in the trails right now, lots of rain, roads washed out, jealous of those warm dry spots
  4. Bull Bar for factory steel bumper

    would you happen to know what rattle can is a match for Billet silver?
  5. Bull Bar for factory steel bumper

    Did you get a shop to color match, or was there an available rattle can that was a good match?
  6. Flat bed Gladiator build

    from their website...." Our canopies start from $37,950.00 depending on the model canopy and make and model / chassis variant of the vehicle ".....(IMHO) better off getting a PCor that start6 around the $13k AU.
  7. Washington trails

    Additionally, a you tuber Chris Shontz ( I think that is the spelling (confirmed)) of Venture4wd does a lot of overlanding in his JK (orangie) and regularly uploads his GPS tracks to Gaia GPS and if you are a patron subscriber of his you can get them free as part of your subscription, including...
  8. @ShadowsPapa

    not likely, but if you find one, let us all know where we can purchase, lol
  9. Flat bed Gladiator build

    the British Jail system (20 percent of Australians are descendants of convicts) built Australia, but hey your way works, lol 🤪 regardless of how it all started I agree that Aussies are great in battle, worked with a few in Afghanistan, great bunch of folks
  10. Any rumors for 2022 Gladiator changes?

    I would love to see a 4Xe version for the JT, with increased fuel prices across the glob (don't see it coming down any time soon, no matter what any elected official says, North American gov'ts don't really have much say in global pricing) of course the power plant would have to make sense with...
  11. Where do you stand on a citizens use of deadly force?

    there are alternatives to quelling a threat as @KC_H mentioned, and one is the Bryna gun, can be used as a pepper spray pellet or a inert ball that hurts like an SOB, the sight on a gun that looks like a Glock being pointed at you or being hit with pepper spray as you enter a house could very...
  12. Anyone know what this is for???

    if you look closely in the engine bay you will probably see more cord that might be strapped together (tucking it out of the way).....most of us Canadians (not normally ohn VI where I live) have used them on many of occasions , usually the plug will be stretched to the outside of the hood so you...
  13. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    I was reading an article the other day that globally because of the "green the earth" people, most countries are looking away from diesel, (one of the reasons why Earthcruiser does not offer diesel engines) so you can get a diesel heater, but a few years (could be way longer) down the road when...
  14. American made

    There is a different way to look at this (IMHO): for the truck that is designed/ assembled in HQ country that takes the "profits" (so only one company in HQ Country gains the benefit), each of the (foreign) part suppliers make a profit and employ more pers for the truck that is designed/...
  15. Tires for stock Overland?

    I have Goodyear Wrangler duratrack MT's they are good on hwy and off road, they are 33's but could go up to 35's without lift as long as you do not go heavy off-roading as it might rub on overland fenders.....lots of options out there, I hear Milestar Patagonia's are decent, but not sure about...
  16. Atv in gladiator bed

    My Overland was doing a similar squat just the other day, so that the Wife could do her gardening, love the yard supply places that do not deliver...much much cheaper, lol
  17. Frame Damage on Newly Purchased Gladiator

    good luck with the salt on the roads until this is fixed. You might get just as much undercarriage scuffs on the Manitoba roads as one would in MOAB of other trails south of the boarder. Lived in Winterpeg for a few years and the roads were so bad we had to weave between potholes of replace rims...
  18. IDK, wild wrapped wreck?

    looks like the Toyota got scared and just turtled while driving by the colorful JT, lol
  19. Nordtrack snow tracked Gladiator

    that's the way us Canadians deal with unplowed roads, lol
  20. Farout Concept Topper

    AT Overland (Habitat) to be exact