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  1. 120 Volt Interior Outlet?

    I have a '21 Overland. 7" radio. And I have the inverter. Bought it off the lot - so not sure if it was an added option by the dealer.
  2. Adding Halogens! Enough is enough!

    I was thinking this exact same thing!!
  3. Need WINTER Tire recommendations for 2021 Willy’s Diesel—KO2’s NOT cutting it!!

    This is the first truck I've had in a while. On all my cars before I've gone with Continental DWS's. However, the local Jeep guys and the staff at a tire place a really trust all recommended the Toyo Observe GSI6 LS. Personally, I'm not doing a lot of off road travelling (yet), so that...
  4. The hardest vehicle to hand wash - ever!

    I got quoted $2200 CAD for a single stage paint correction and a 5 layer ceramic coat (9H). I've washed mine (black) a few times this summer using a good soap and microfibre, and I'll admit I am seriously thinking about the ceramic. I like a clean vehicle; and even after going off road, what...
  5. Best factory tires for road trip??

    I don't know if it makes a difference, but the rims on an Overland are usually 18 inch; I think the High Altitude are 20 inch, and the rest are 17 inch...... I'm not sure if the rubber will match....
  6. Roof leak in back

    I don't see any evidence of new "product" on either the outside or the inside of the rear window - but honestly I don't know what I'm looking for exactly. I agree, though, the seal should be applied from the outside not the inside. I'll call the dealership back and see if I can get them to...
  7. Roof leak in back

    And here is the repair summary: covered by warranty. No removal of glass. Is that normal?
  8. Roof leak in back

    My 2021 JT Overland has a leak as well. Heading into the dealer tomorrow. Functionally stock, nothing done to the cab (tint etc.), and the back top has never been removed. Date of Manufacture on the door frame says "8 - 20". I was very disappointed when I found the water.
  9. CavFab Introduction and JT Forum Discount!

    Is it normal for the wheels to turn like this....??? ;)
  10. What was your ride before the JT?

    BMW 2012 128i. Little car with an inline 6. All the funs. But I got t-boned by a guy driving a Flex exiting a parking lot. We were both doing less than 30 km/h. Air bags explode though, so - written off. On to the next fun!
  11. Show some respect for the elders

    If that is the case, then I stand corrected.
  12. Show some respect for the elders

    Mirrors on the A-Pillars, too.... Not that I'm trying to start anything.... Just noticing....
  13. What should my first song be in my Gladiator. No I don’t want your recommendations (POLL)

    Kiss - Detroit Rock City Golden Earring - Radar Love Deep Purple - Highway Star :) Glad to help
  14. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Now you're just teasing..... It's almost impossible to get up here any more.
  15. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    OMG The Tick! I haven't remembered him in ages!! The BEST!
  16. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    I DO like the Col E H Taylor.....
  17. Dedicated snow tires?

    I'll be installing Toyo GSI-6 255/70R18
  18. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Normally I would let this go, but I couldn't. Check out the pop up ad I get:
  19. Built custom sub box?
  20. HotHead Headliners to Canada

    Thank you very much!