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  1. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    Has Jeep even acknowledged the issue?
  2. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    Tried this, doesn’t work unfortunately. Continue to have multiple freezes on each 5 min drive.
  3. Because Jeep Happens.... Lightweight, Removable Trail Armor from MEK Magnet

    This is cool!.. will definitely check it out. I like the idea of this especially considering the cost of a full wrap. I am curious about longevity (product life) and wear and tear. Also, I like the modular design, and was wondering if you can replace a single piece if one gets damaged? Just curious.
  4. 2021 Apple carplay issues?

    I will say that since receiving my iPhone 13 Pro Max I’ve had nothing but issues w multiple crash/disconnects as I drive using maps, phone and music. Like others have mentioned. I have to unplug then plug back in for it to pull up CarPlay again. The interesting thing is that I had an iPhone Pro...
  5. GDE is back and making EPA compliant tune!

    Really excited about this and hope they offer to ship a flashed pcm as an option.
  6. Anyone regear a diesel gladiator rubicon with 37's?

    I’ve been running 37s for about 5k miles. I will tell you, there is absolutely no reason to regear the diesel. I’m averaging 20 mpg in the city and easily get 25-30mpg highway. Has tons of torque and stays in 8th all the time. I personally think it’s perfect. Edit: it’s just under 20 (19.2 as...
  7. Oracle Flush Mount Taillights Arrived Today

    Wow. Has anyone tested this? Edit: Also, I wonder if the sensor mount inside can be modified to sit more perpendicular. It’s not a killer, but it would be nice if we could get it to work.
  8. Banks tuner

    Just additional info that I thought I would post here. This is a reply on the Banks Power Youtube channel from Banks themselves when asked about warranty. So take it for what you will...
  9. Banks tuner

    Does running a Banks tuner void the warranty? Not really sure why it would.
  10. Banks tuner

    Is that the AeroForce one?
  11. Banks tuner

    Man.. that looks really good! Edit: Just ordered one :)
  12. Amazon Prime Days Deals?

    Got a pair of these.. been needing some! And also:
  13. Banks tuner

    Awesome thank you! Do you feel the piece you drilled through the a pillar will be strong enough to hold it over a few years? It's just plastic correct? I'm also wondering on whether these put more 'wear' on your engine or not. Are they harder on your engine, or do they actually just provide...
  14. Banks tuner

    Awesome! Can you provide more pictures or details on the install?
  15. Is the Diesel Rubicon available with any gears other than 3:73's?

    No. But I've said this once, and I'll continue to say it... You don't need to change gears w the diesel on 37s imho. But, if you still think you need to, then you'll need to do it after purchase.
  16. Schnebly Hill Trail, AZ, Badge of Honor Trail

    I did it back in February. It had some nice views, but I wasn't able to go the whole way as they had it blocked about halfway up. I would also suggest to air down. If you are in Sedona I would definitely suggest Broken Arrow trail. That trail was awesome and a blast!
  17. Fully loaded trims and payload

    Wait I'm confused. Are you guys saying that the Rubicon diesel can't tow the 4200lb trailer?
  18. Mesh top recommendations?

    I ordered this on quadratec: XG Cargo XG-316 Magne-Lok Magnetic Sun Shade for 18-21 Jeep Wrangler JL & 2021 Gladiator JT | Quadratec I actually really like it and the great thing is that you can keep it on while adding/removing the freedom panels. Not sure if they've made the back section...
  19. Rubicon Diesel with 37s

    Just posted this on another post, but I literally just drove from Phoenix to Southern Utah going through Flagstaff. If you don't know this route, Flagstaff is about 7,000 feet above sea level, so lots of uphill travel and back down to around 3,000 feet in St George. I averaged 24 mpg there and...