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  1. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Front are metalcloak I didnt get any initally for rear, but going to have to. The clayton springs are really tall, and i have about 2in of drop left.
  2. Mojave Lift Options

    Got everything installed. Sitting wayy high
  3. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Finally got franken-lift on. Mostly metalcloak gamer changer 3.5, but their springs dont work over the Mojave bump stops in front anymore so have Clayton 3.5 springs. Sitting really high, will see if it settles or drops a little when bumper and winch and sliders. 37” tires as well
  4. Steer smarts sector shaft brace gone bad

    Just take the bearing piece off, and the rest is still a good upgrade to have the additional track bar bracing.
  5. Steer smarts sector shaft brace gone bad

    have on sitting in the box from black friday sale. Looks like its possible to press a new bearing in. Please let us know what Steer Smarts say about it.
  6. 1941 club

    Hit it today on way to get my lift and 37s
  7. Rivian out in the wild. AND suffers a blow out...

    "My tire got sideswiped by a rock and went flat" Yeap, clearly the rock's fault. Almost turned it off watching turds wearing masks driving, turned it off right after blaming that rock for a sidewall hit.
  8. What is the best style rock rail for east coast wheeling?

    I think more important is consider how they mount. Most use the factory style attachment to the body, not the best if you are hitting rocks or using them as sliders. A more solid attachment to the frame will help remove the risk of body damage. Few frame mount options below: (top one @CavFab_MFG...
  9. CavFab MASSIVE Black Friday Sale / LIVE NOW

    Where are those JT sliders teased on FB a while back?
  10. Pennsylvania Mojave wheels/tires for sale

    @Lucky1 if the OP has sold those, i will have a set for sale next week. Mojave wheels and AT tires, approx 2000 miles, also se Pa
  11. Current opinion of the Bronco?

    I am a solid axle person, ill keep my 74 and the JT.
  12. Baby seat placement Gladiator

    I still have one rear facing, but not in the carrier/click in one anymore. Your second pic looks much bigger still. I have the seat behind the passenger and still have room for my 6'1" self in front.
  13. Relocating Rear Lower Shock mount, anyone tried it yet?

    I have seen that a lot, basically a little triangle tent shape metal housing that goes up through the bed. Has the bolt for mount at the top and gains you the space needed. May be able to keep a similar angle/path of travel so that road manners are not dramatically changed.
  14. Relocating Rear Lower Shock mount, anyone tried it yet?

    In for the subscribe on this one. Coming from the early bronco world, I always questioned the Jeep location (and new Bronco). My EB has the lower mounts in the upper 1/3, and with a body lift was able to extend the upper mount on the frame to get longer shocks so that the droop would still be...
  15. Anyone take advantage of the wild resale values?

    I took advantage of inflated prices to get my Mojave. Had a 2021 GMC Sierra, 11,000 miles. It was a warranty nightmare, rebuilt motor at 5,000 miles after lifter failure (known issue now with a bad batch of parts GM got), the electronics were glitchy as shit, folding mirrors replaced under...
  16. Clayton 2.5 and Fox 2.0 Problem

    Hope the OP get the brake lines figured out, but id also not use the shocks as the droop limiter. If you are unseating springs and still have down travel on the shocks im surprised Clayton doesnt have a limit strap or something.
  17. Post sale question

    Anyone a sales person or have any insight on how sales people get paid…. few weeks after my purchase now, the sales guy is pushing me to download the uconnect app and saying he is losing money if i dont. anyone confirm this? I have zero apps and dont care to. I can surf the web and text and...
  18. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    keep in mind Crawl Daddy is a badge of honor trail and gets loads of traffic. (a lot of traffic that really shouldnt be on a true red trail) Affliction and Crucible and other reds at RC I think are closer to what you saw at AOAA. Normal vehicles do not apply.
  19. Gladiator trail mater'd

    can truss your current axle. Rustys and Artec both offer a truss system. recommend a competent welder tho, usually good practice to heat the cast axle section before burning on the truss. And go small sections to not put too much heat in
  20. Gladiator trail mater'd

    Mojave is same as rubi, its the knuckles that are different. Most people dont need D60s, the aftermarket d44’s that delete the fad are strong enough for a lot of people. (Prorock 44, dana makes one, G2 another)