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  1. Start stop not ready.

    Long story short, they went as far as replacing the IBS, but as the issue persisted, they never did anything more. Even as they’d test it and it only started working when the weather warmed up, they’d just say it would pass all their battery diagnostics. It was always weird with them telling...
  2. Start stop not ready.

    You know if there was a technical service bulletin or something? I took my truck in to be serviced for the ESS issue way too many times in 2020/2021. They never did anything to fix it.
  3. LED Aux Light Integrated Front Skid Plate Concept

    @ORACLElights, I am also curious to see if this is still on track for mid-November shipment for those of us that bought in.
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    That looks fantastic! Is it painted with regular matte spray paint? Or did you use bedliner or something?
  5. One more reason to flush the dealer system

    Having to route all sales and support through a network of dealers is just insane (30% markup for no reason other than a law that hurts consumers?). I’d much rather deal with the manufacturer directly. Frankly, if your dealership couldn’t compete without government intervention, then it...
  6. May be a stupid question, bottom button on headlight dial.

    To be fair, the manual is sometimes a really poor resource for learning about your FCA Jeep Brand vehicle:
  7. Aux battery is still charging

    I’m convinced Jeep is using me as some sort of sociological experiment, to see if they can botch every service and dodge all warranty service, just to gauge what they can get away with. I visited the dealer so many times for the ESS charging issue, with them acknowledging the failure, but...
  8. Start/stop not active Battery Charging.

    I have had way too many visits to the dealer for this issue. They've reset the system numerous times, replaced the IBS, and refused to acknowledge the problem repeatedly. They consistently tell me the batteries pass load and diagnostic, but won’t acknowledge the fact the ESS always says...
  9. Quake LED's Infamous Freak Show Builds SEMA 2021

    If I’m running 96’s, can I fit a full size spare under the truck? I like the practicality of a 96” full size spare for a 5-tire rotation. Also, for anyone currently on 96’s, what sort of signal repeater are you running for the TPMS?
  10. Jeep Launches Jeep Graphic Studio for Gladiator Owners to Buy Custom Graphics / Decals

    Is that from @pixeldecals? If so, I wish there was a dedicated gallery of their custom work—just to get great ideas, if not just admire the work… I love the signal flags he did for me:
  11. Anyone buy military surplus?

    I know nothing about this web site, but I know a good deal on government surplus shrimp when I see one. And I think I’ll be getting myself 543 cases of slightly-temperature-damaged, insurance claim, seafood that’s been sitting around since April. Thanks for tip! :fingerscrossed:
  12. Anyone know what these tubes under the cowls are?

    Curious if this is some sort of conduit to the interior or a water drain or something?
  13. Jeep Speaker Battery life too short

    I was working on my truck today and used the Bluetooth speaker, but it only lasted about 45-minutes. I assume it should last much longer than that. Anyone know if Jeep provides support for short battery life on those speakers?
  14. Q for you guys who flew/drove to pick up the gladiator and drove it back

    I drove from NC to DE, stopped overnight then went on to Boston. Between NC and DE I drove probably about the first 10-miles on side roads, then kept it at a maximum of 55MPH on the highway. On the second leg from DE to MA, I drove pretty normally—occasional overtaking, etc—but kept it fairly...
  15. Q for you guys who flew/drove to pick up the gladiator and drove it back

    I picked mine up nearly 2-years ago and drove it from North Carolina to Boston. I kept it at 55MPH for the ride. 2-years later, no problems at all.
  16. What do you think of this site? The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    See? Helpful and informative… :like: Thanks!
  17. What do you think of this site? The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I agree with all the comments about this being a helpful and informative community with minimal drama and has a fun edge to it. That said, I’m looking forward to the forum software being updated to support iOS 15 properly. Ever since I upgraded my phone, Safari had all the formatting options...
  18. Recommend aux lighting for snow

    I ordered a set of these, waiting until they start shipping next month. I was also looking for low-mount amber lights for snow driving—these were the lowest-mount...
  19. DiamondBack Covers | General Thread

    Did you reach out to DB for support on that one?
  20. DiamondBack Covers | General Thread

    It passes the light test. I’ve replaced the bed rails and on my second shim kit. The shims are placed correctly, I even marked my trail rails with the shim locations so I can be sure the clamps are placed directly over a shim. The water that gets into the cross pieces “gutters” (below the...