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  1. Should I go Rubicon or Mojave?

    The Mojave vs Rubicon question always makes me scratch my head. "Ive done all my research and I definitely need a Rubicon or a Mojave for the hard GNAR I hit when I'm OFFROADING to the mall" If you're actually doing the things you're say you're doing and you really need those extra things that...
  2. Flat bed Gladiator build

    Me reading the first post: I wonder if this guy has any idea what hes doing Me reading post #3: Hmmmm stock tail light integration is kinda cool. Post #12: yeah... he knows.
  3. Bed Rack and Roof Top Tents

    I really don't like the "erector set" type of racks and all racks in the material cost vs retail price just feel like companies are absolutely fleecing consumers. I get that there is overhead, but still too much. I used Unistrut for trail rail, Compact Camping Solutions brackets and some 1 1/4"...
  4. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    1/16th. Home Depot sells 6' sections 1 1/4 for $24
  5. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Finished the DIY bed rack, switched out the unistrut crossbars for square tube. Mounted the tent, JKS quicker disconnects, and Teraflex Leveling kit Waiting for the paint to dry on the parts.
  6. Tailgate Damper barely noticeable

    If I had a complaint it's how slow it goes down. seems over assisted to me. Feather light.
  7. Lets see those Gladiator Beach pics

    Man made beach from mining up in Gay Michigan
  8. Because Jeep Happens.... Lightweight, Removable Trail Armor from MEK Magnet

    Its not a badge of honor but $1k for a magnetic roll is steep. CNC machines aren't cheap, CAD software isn't either, vinyl cutter/printer, ect I get the upfront cost for the business is big, but that just seems steep. but for $100 on amazon and a lot of my own razor time I think id be DIYing...
  9. Oracle Flush Mount Taillights Arrived Today

    Im really surprised I don't like those. They make the bumper look huge.
  10. Asfir 4x4 Engine and Transmission skid plate

    How many items would you need to ship for sea freight to make sense? like if a handful of forum members purchased items and then you got to a certain number of items you shipped them all at once sea freight. Is that a thing?
  11. Jeep Concepts Teased Ahead of SEMA 2021

    thats an awful lot more modification than just slapping a topper on it.
  12. Jeep Concepts Teased Ahead of SEMA 2021

    that and the bed is seperated from the body on the gladiator , one top cant bridge that gap as the bed and body can flex independently
  13. What engine would you prefer? (Revised)

    thats stupid. Okay, I vote for a mythical 12cyl 4.0
  14. What engine would you prefer? (Revised)

    To the people voting for the inline 4.0 WHY? I had one in my TJ and it was a DOG. You do realize that if you put that engine in a gladiator youd get even worse mileage, worse towing, worse performance right? that engine makes 190 HP and 260 lb ft. the 3.6 is 285 hp 260 lbft so youve gained...
  15. When do you have your doors on/off?

    I almost never have them off. I should more but If I go wheeling its usually a several day trip, and my day to day driving I'm on a lot of construction sites so it would get pretty trashed with sandy mud.
  16. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Found lake Superior, slept next to it.
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Added a bumper, winch, and new fogs.