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  1. Show me your “AVG MPG”!!

    Here's one from last summer... Even so, the average is a rolling average: it only averages over the previous 100 miles or so. Kevin
  2. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    Make a few payments... Kevin
  3. Invite for Stellantis miles program....

    Most look pretty meek to me. Useful $5 gift cards are over 20,000 miles. Kevin
  4. How much power can I run in stock fog light circuit?

    The stock headlights are only 5A (60W) each, so the stock fog light won’t be any more than that. Personally, I’d not go more than a 50W incandescent light. LEDs, however… Kevin
  5. Subs for gladiator

    Maybe if this were posted in the right category, it’d get some action… Kevin,
  6. Not bad for a $230 LED headlamps

    And you found these where? Kevin
  7. Just ordered 2022 Sport base w/ Auto in Washington State.

    Why feel bad about your good negotiating skills? The dealer won't sell something they can't make money on, or they'd be out of business. Kevin
  8. New here Touch Screen issues

    I assume you mean the white, not the, “Acquiring Signal,” part. Pull the radio fuse, or disconnect both batteries, and do a hard restart on the infotainment system. See if that helps. Kevin
  9. Adding Halogens! Enough is enough!

    This works OK, provided the washer fluid is heated. Otherwise it just makes things worse. No thanks. The stupid little wipers freeze down and are worthless. The whole system ends up being very expensive to maintain. Kevin
  10. Radio Always On

    There was supposed to be an update for the 3rd quarter 2021, but it’s still not available. My 7” uConnect does all kinds of weird shit, and they won’t do anything about it until they try applying the update. Kevin
  11. Nifty trick on Taser JL

    One must observe what section one is browsing… 3.0L 6-Cylinder Turbo EcoDiesel - Maintenance, Mods, Discussions Kevin
  12. Adding Halogens! Enough is enough!

    The problem has more to do with the recessed headlights than the low-heat-output LED lamps. My headlights were caked in snow during storms even with the stock headlights. Kevin
  13. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    I tried to feed the Gladiator some turkey, but it didn’t seem very interested… Kevin
  14. Black Friday Deals

    I just have the stock hood latches on mine, and haven't had any problems. Besides, if the primary latches do happen to let go, there's the secondary safety latch that's pretty foolproof. Kevin
  15. Black Friday Deals

    Redline Tuning is offering 20% off All Hood QuickLIFT Systems. I really like the set of their hood struts I have. Discount code available. Kevin
  16. Painting Freedom Top?

    The Freedom panels aren’t, or the black is a very thin layer. I’ve had rock chips on mine, and it’s white underneath. My paint guy said they can be repainted, but it takes a lot of prep. It’s cheaper to just replace the panels. Kevin
  17. @ShadowsPapa

    I saw a Wrangler in that color a couple days ago. Looked quite nice. I'd drive a Gladiator in that color. Kevin
  18. Gorilla Glass Warranty Claim

    It's HGP: Hyperperformance Glass Products. Kevin
  19. Anyone done a LED or HID retrofit?

    Interesting... Thank you. The projector lamps I had were in an Acura; one would assume they used descent optics... While they were good, they weren't better enough than standard reflector fixtures to warrant the expense (I'm talking a properly-designed LED replacement lamp in the OEM headlight...
  20. Anyone done a LED or HID retrofit?

    I've had both. And while the projector lamp is marginally better, at least the ones I've had, they're not hundreds of dollars better. I'll keep what I've got. And I've not been flashed once by oncoming traffic, either. Kevin