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  1. Called my dealer for a regear quote…

    Just to confirm- you fill with synthetic at install for the break-in period. I've long been told stories about how things don't break in well that way. Anymore, seems like you'd have to go out of your way to even buy "conventional" oil. When I bought 6qts of conventional to break in the reman...
  2. Hi Lift 48 or 60?

    If by aircraft rails you mean L-track, they make studs that you can use to mount things. Extended Lug Stud Fitting,L Track and Airline Track Stud Fitting,2250 Lbs Capacity,45mm length-10pack : Automotive Then all you'd need is some flat stock, some good-size (1/2"?)bolts, nylocks...
  3. Hi Lift 48 or 60?

    The biggest issue I've always had with the Hi-lift is that it likes to be dry and well lubricated. Probably a non-issue for the desert dwellers, but up here where everything rusts, its a challenge. Secondary problem is mounting- a hilift will smash everything around it to pieces if left...
  4. Hi Lift 48 or 60?

    Land Rover guys always make sure they can get under the hood easily.
  5. Fake trim levels?

    Hah! I have some friends that affixed V8 badges on their (leased) XJ and others with an SRT-6 (from the crossfire) badge on a WK w/ SRT wheels. All in good fun.
  6. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    IIRC, the Truetrac isn't rated for CAD operation, unlike a selectable locker. with CAD, one side is usually spinning forward, while the other side spins backwards- at 8-900rpm on the highway (depending on tire size). With the CAD defeated/engaged, both are spinning in the direction of travel...
  7. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    JL/JTs have a front axle disconnect (unlike the TJ and JK). To run a helical LSD, you need to defeat that somehow. I've had one in a TJ, and it was awesome. In 2wd, it's totally transparent. In 4wd, its fine, unless you really lean on it.
  8. Urban Scrambler Build

    Seems like such low-hanging fruit for Bestop.
  9. Moving to 35s - what causes the most change - diameter OR weight?

    With the 8spd auto, definitely weight. The trans can do an amazing job in making up for the change in effective gearing, but it just takes more power to get heavier tires moving. Look for light wheel/tires, unless you're planning to re-gear. This will help with ride, too.
  10. 2022 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Curiously, you can get proximity locks on Sport and Willys Sport models, if you spring for the dual door group.
  11. Dingy towing JT behind motorhome

    Probably easier to change the hitch ball height than the mounts on the Jeep. As long as there’s plenty of caster, it’ll pull fine.
  12. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2021 U.S. Sales Figures Results in Best Third Quarter Ever

    Doesn't hurt that Ranger and Colorado deliveries have been on pause for some time. For anyone choosing among the midsize segment, there have really only been 2 options. Suppose it's all great timing for the Frontier, too.
  13. Factory 4.88 gears

    The JT alone already has a sizable list of axles that need to be on hand for the different models. Are all diesels on wide axles? 3 Front Axles: Base 3.73, open 4.10, open 4.10 (iron knuckles), locked 4.10 4 Rear Axles: Base 3.73, LSD 3.73, LSD 4.10, locked 4.10 XR Rubicon option would add one...
  14. Factory 4.88 gears

    Well, optional ratios used to cost about $50 on a pickup. The part WILL cost a little more, just because it's lower volume production, but the biggest cost is in the added parts management.
  15. Factory 4.88 gears

    Your club is for losers, who admit they were wrong. As long as I don't admit it, I never have to be wrong on the interwebs... All kidding aside, I would like to hear more about a 4.88 option- A Willys Sport XR is just my flavor.
  16. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    Microchip shortage hits Jeep Gladiator production ( Clearly I missed the memo about resuming production.
  17. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    With production on pause, perhaps so is any release of order guides.
  18. The most overloaded JT I have come across

    Someone should tell that cat about the Powerwagon.
  19. Bronco is fullsize - no comparison

    The Bronco is just 2” wider than a JL, i side and out.
  20. 2021 Jeep Gladiator (JT) ORDER GUIDE!! [Updated Monthly]

    All Rubicons ship with the 285/70R17 Wildpeak ATW or MT. Not aware of diesel option restricting one or the other.