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  1. Three car seats fit in back rear bench??

    the pain is getting the seatbelts to buckle.
  2. Should I go Rubicon or Mojave?

    I have a mojave and am happy with it, if I were to do it again Diesel Rubicon.
  3. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    I only ever sold 2 then gave up. Lol I'm Ravens Eye offroad on Instagram.
  4. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    Yeah yeah I know you lol Remember my fox Mojave decal then you posted your epic snake? Also I think I follow you on Instagram, do you post there much? I've got a good friend who is supposed to be designing something for me. If that falls through (he's a professional artist, does lots of the...
  5. MOJAVE Edition Gladiator JT Club

    I love that graphic! Trying to get something similar for mine.
  6. What would cause this noise on Mojave

    Dang. Add me to the list.
  7. Disappointed

    Just imagine the threads. "I was driving and a message popped up about jeep being awesome and something 41. Is there something wrong? Should I take it to the dealer?" "My jeep makes a weird noise ever since this 1941 message came up."
  8. Gladiator 4xe Hybrid PHEV Not Coming Until 2024MY: Report

    Honestly it doesn't sound that good. Torque, sure sounds awesome, but that turbo 4 cylinder is gonna suck hauling around the motors and batteries after they are drained. Small trips, cool. The tow rating is probably going to be awful. I dunno. Turbo 6, v8, diesel are the only ways to go imo...
  9. Mojave shocks- rubbing/grinding sound

    Sometimes when I hop in the truck on a cold morning there is a grinding sound from the rear axle area. My driveway is straight and gravel, a gentle slope on the drivers side into the grass, nothing a riding mower or my wifes camry cant handle. Sometimes I back into the grass so I dont have to...
  10. Took a small trip with the family

    Finally got the 2nd part edited. Lots of software / youtube issues. Anyhow, hope its not too boring.
  11. Build Thread

  12. Build Thread

    Well its been just a few since I updated this. Its not that Ive forgotten or havent had much to say. More that Ive been quietly trying to "up my game" some. This year I only really got one trip in, ill post the link below, but its just been a matter of timing and ability. It's hard to get 3...
  13. Took a small trip with the family

    Weird. Well I hope you all like it. I'd love feedback/like/comments. Doing my best to earn subscribers and up my content game some.
  14. Took a small trip with the family

    it said 145 views so I was like well heck this must be trash lol
  15. Took a small trip with the family

    thanks for watching. I tried to edit it so it would be something someone would like to watch. Ill have part two soon.
  16. Took a small trip with the family

    dang. I thought some of you would enjoy this. 😞