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  1. Picture Frame for Window Sticker

    buy some wood and make your own frame. It's really not hard and woodworking is fun!
  2. Jeep Gladiator issues

    Sorry to hear about the experience. I have a 2021 Mojave with 14k+ miles, and so far not one single issue. I'm hoping this continues for another 200k+ miles ;)
  3. How do you guys carry your kayaks?

    Mind adding a couple better pics? I've been trying to find a versatile trailer that can haul bikes/kayaks/wood/etc... I'm getting to the point where I might just design something myself, so some added photos might help me with whatever I come up with.
  4. Urban Scrambler Build

    Holy shit this is sexy, and a manual! Love the seats as well. There are not many builds that I think are tastefully done, but this is certainly one. Great job!
  5. Anyone take advantage of the wild resale values?

    I can't think of what I would replace it with, but I have somewhat thought of it. I had a 1999 Ford Ranger that I sold in this market. My (half-assed) plan was to buy something else in a manual to replace it, which was 2 months ago....because the prices are so high I may not replace it. I have a...
  6. Mountain Bikes - How are you guys carrying them??

    Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but I use moving blankets. I then use my mirrors like the old days for backing up ;)
  7. Am I crazy for debating trading my gladiator for a TRX?

    As someone who loves vehicles, I would never say someone is crazy for buying something awesome like a TRX. I personally won't but that is because I am crazy and try and limit myself to 50k for my vehicle purchases.
  8. Halogen Headlights are terrible

    I didn't say it was bad, but I don't find value in it. It's an expense and also ads complexity to a vehicle. If I could add parts a la cart, I may have considered. Then again, I didn't want the upgraded head unit or leather seats, so maybe not....
  9. Halogen Headlights are terrible

    I didn't want the nanny package ;)
  10. Halogen Headlights are terrible

    I almost bought a Rubicon without LED, really glad I ordered, because that was something I absolutely wanted - plus the taillights look awesome
  11. Next gen Ford Ranger reveal November 24th

    Manual + diesel, which would 'force' me to upgrade my current mojave to a new mojave.
  12. Q for you guys who flew/drove to pick up the gladiator and drove it back

    I had my BMW delivered to the Spartanburg SC location and did their tour. I then drove to Asheville, stayed in some mountain cabin, then drove it back to FL. In any maps program you can have it avoid highways. Speed limits were 55, even if you used the cruise control it was only for 20 minutes...
  13. Rubicon vs Mojave - Accurate video?

    I know I've answered this before, but I ended up with Mojave because I knew that I enjoy driving down trails vs rock crawling. I like the hood on the Rubicon better than the Mojave, but I like how the Mojave rides down the road and is very fun on the trails. I like the seats on the Mojave...
  14. Is there some kind of 'rivalry' with Tacoma owners??

    Slow traffic keep right is the rule. Unfortunately it's not enforced.....
  15. Is there some kind of 'rivalry' with Tacoma owners??

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but why were you in the middle lane if the interstate was empty? Might be why, you should have been in the right lane, it's seriously annoying when people drive slow in the middle lane.
  16. If you could do it over - What would you change?

    My order,PBJ,X9,ERC,DEM,DMF,Z1E,SDU,TW2,WD3,A5,UAG,AM2,AD6,HT3,MM3,GXD,CSD,ABR,XMF,23D - you may have to refresh your page once you click, I did. I haven't really utilized the trailer package or aux...
  17. Rivian R1T First Drive reviews

    I've been following Rivian for a couple years now and am excited they are actually bringing this into production. I really like the front end looks and the interior looks very nice. I figure in 2 years when my 36 month loan is finished I will be buying either one of these, or a Lightning, or...
  18. Dunno 'bout this one.

    This is partly why my woman and I stopped buying things for each other. We just buy whatever we want and then there is no wasted money. No Christmas gifts, no birthday gifts, makes life much easier and less stressful.