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  1. Hi Lift 48 or 60?

    The Hi Lift was pretty scary for me at first, but then I took a class on how to use it. Damn, if you regularly do off-roading, it’s a must in your bag of tricks. I do recommend doing a class though. There were a bunch of cool tricks and scary gotchas I wasn’t aware of. You can get away with a...
  2. Bed Chop??!!!

    I would guess the reason for that kinda quote is litigious culture and the complexity of the job. I'm seriously considering doing it and will document it if/when I do. Like ZoneArc said, dropping down hard from obstacles is annoying me way more than any minor break over problems. Risks I see...
  3. Bed Chop??!!!

    I like the idea. I also really like that they moved the LCA mount inside the frame. Those and the rear lower shock mounts drive me nuts. Shortening the bed 4 inches isn’t going to change the truck that much. In fact I know I have about 6 extra inches to work with where my RTT mounts, so it...
  4. Relocating Rear Lower Shock mount, anyone tried it yet?

    I sorta get it, since the upper mounts are already right against the bottom of the bed. The JLs have them in a different location, so it’s probably related to the bed in some way :/ I have no problems cutting into the bed and making little towers if I need to. One more off-road trip planned...
  5. Relocating Rear Lower Shock mount, anyone tried it yet?

    I'm getting a little annoyed at how low the rear lower shock mounts are. I'd like to move them. Has anyone done this yet? I have skids already there, but that doesn't stop them from getting hung up and bent. Moving them higher will definitely effect the geometry and where the shocks bottom out...
  6. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    Oh crap :( Sorry, that was probably one of those blue trails :/ I moved mine so it sits on top of the tie rod. I don’t recommend the Yeti ATX bracket btw. Comes loose a lot, even with locktite and several different attempts at re-engineering it.
  7. Just ordered the 2022 Gladiator Rubicon - what are the best accessories??

    Don't forget to watch your weight! Unless you don't care :P You mentioned a few pretty heavy things. I'd guess that Fab Fours rack is ~200 lbs by itself. Throw a tent on it and your gear in the bed, and you are already over your payload capacity. Lots of people don't seem to care, but it's a...
  8. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    From the last 4 days, I'd say AOAA is almost a full difficulty level higher for trails "on average". The last couple days were doing mostly blues and blacks, and the blues at AOAA are very similar to the Blacks at RC. There are a lot more bypasses at RC as Dlish said, but AOAA just seems more...
  9. Rausch Creek Nov 6

  10. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    Nah, there were a couple other groups going up it and we didn’t want to make everyone wait on us :) We did walk the trail though. It’s definitely doable, but it might take an hour or so to get through. There are some big boulders that will require a little problem solving.
  11. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    Mine. Really wasn’t a big deal, I re-attached it in the parking lot before leaving. Mike and I went to check out a Crawl Daddy and it got hung up on a tree root. it’s fun to be theatrical about it though.
  12. Rausch Creek Nov 6

  13. Rausch Creek Nov 6

  14. Rausch Creek Nov 6

  15. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    I’ll see those of you who are coming tomorrow at Rausch Creek!
  16. Dana 60s for 40 inch tires questions

    A couple others mentioned it, but I didn't see it highlighted: You can do a lot by replacing axle shafts and trussing your 44s. 60s are expensive and heavy. I recommend thinking seriously about just reinforcing what you have before making the MUCH bigger investment to go big on axle housings...
  17. What is this on my axle?

    What Pokey said :) Your sales guy has no idea what he's talking about! Note: That is the weak point on your front axle. If you are doing a fair amount of rough offroading, many people add skid plate upgrades and axle trusses to strengthen the axle housing around it. You can also remove the FAD...
  18. Sema 2021 Gladiators Galore [Add What You Come Across]

    I almost finished the video with a mad respect for how clean the slammed gladiator was built. I’m still impressed, but an angry grill…
  19. Need new tires (again)

    That is a bummer :/ I’ve been trying the Milestars out also due to their lighter weight. They’ve held up decently so far, but they definitely don’t have the mud clearing prowess of the Maxxis RAZRs before them. I’m considering getting a set of beadlocks when I burn these, and just switching...
  20. Rausch Creek Nov 6

    I’m staying at the Hampton. Easiest drive between both places. Last time I was up there I stayed at Beagles B&B, that place was great, but it’s a bit of a drive to Rausch from there.