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  1. How about jeep jk Bumpers

    I know this is old, but will a factory JK Rubicon bumper fit the JT? Anyone know?
  2. Suggestions to smooth out a ride!

    Glad the easy fix was the right one
  3. Cloth Seats vs. Leather Seats Package

    I take the top off as much as possible, the last thing I wanted was hot as f leather. I have a Willys and I find the cloth very nice...not your run of the mill cloth interior.
  4. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    Members seem to be having good luck with the eBay version. That, and people around my area are nuts with used pricing.
  5. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    My current dream: 2" AEV spacer lift 17" x 8.5" Black Rhino Sentinel rims in Desert Sand 35" Tires (still can't decide on which) Rubicon steel front bumper (knock off acceptable) Rough Country tubular rear bumper Max-Modular / Voodoo 14" rack w/ tonneau brackets I would buy as much as the...
  6. 35s and No Lift Thread

    Should be a date code on the tire. Those look like they have weather cracking, which typically comes with age. I ran trail grapplers pn my Ram and loved them. EDIT. Look for the numbers after your DOT code...
  7. Suggestions to smooth out a ride!

    Like others have said, drop the tire pressure to 35psi~ . That should make a notable difference. If that doesn't work, remove the lift kit and send it to me.
  8. How good are 40's for daily driving?

    Thanks. Hoping @JTRUBI can chime in as he is a fellow Canuck. Tire pricing sucks around here.
  9. Thank You For Supporting TUWA Pro! GIVEAWAY ALERT - MOAB Bed Rack System

    Congrats @AverageDad ! And cool of you to do @Tuwa Pro !
  10. How good are 40's for daily driving?

    Where do you buy your tires?
  11. Flat bed Gladiator build

    Looking good so far 👍🏻
  12. GECKO GREEN Gladiator Club

    Anyone know of a 4 door Wrangler Sport at a dealer near Nashville?
  13. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Quick google/reddit search says scam
  14. @ShadowsPapa

    Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day —Confuscious
  15. @ShadowsPapa

    Man who run in front of car get tired --Confuscious
  16. @ShadowsPapa

    Man who go to bed with itchy bum, wake up with stinky finger --Confuscious
  17. "JEEP" tailgate badge mods?

    Here ya go
  18. "JEEP" tailgate badge mods?

    Looks awesome! Got a link? EDIT- found them..