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  1. Discount Tire to aquire Tire Rack

    Considering that they both already have mega buying powers, their prices are already at their best competing with each other. This merger/buyout will eliminate competition and prices will increase more hidden buy the already increasing price of tires. Maybe I am wrong and their 'Family Owned'...
  2. Camping with your Gladiator

    White mtns overlooking Mt Washington. Disney, before my wife tailored the annex. Backyard.
  3. Tracks seem like over kill but to each his own

    The Tazer can program for these. :giggle: AND that truck still has a Monroney sticker on it.
  4. Dog co-pilot help.

    Similar to what DocMike said, try throwing a worn t-shirt or shirt on the seat. Something that smells like you. The key is that it smells like you. An old hunting trick when a dog gets lost is to leave your shirt laying on the ground where you parked. Come back before sun up the next morning...
  5. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    @MrZappo That was solid stream time only. I figured that the starting/stopping etc. would cause too much room for error.
  6. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Anybody else ever time their pee? Driving the wife around shopping today and no public restrooms. Eventually found one and 1 min 6 secs worth of relief.
  7. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    I drink a lot of rum. @Rummie makes good rum. This is cider season and we have been mixing Kraken spiced rum with cider. What do you call it? Kraken cider? In cider Kraken?
  8. Anyone running a ROAM Vagabond RTT on a Max Modular bed frame?

    Then give me a couple days for the brackets to see finished rack
  9. Anyone running a ROAM Vagabond RTT on a Max Modular bed frame?

    Do you have the rack yet? I have the 46" rack. I put my Torro RTT on it with no problems. We put on about 5K that way including about 25 hours on trails with no problems. That being said, I am currently upgrading to the 58" rack. It will be on this week. I will post pictures and any...
  10. Thief magnet

    Yes, a crowbar hammered into the [email protected]*[email protected] would work. @SilverBW408 sorry man. Some people just suck. @ACAD_Cowboy I agree, stuff is stuff and you can get more. My dogs (GSPs) are part of my family but would lay down their lives for us. My guns are for the personal protection of my family and...
  11. The hardest vehicle to hand wash - ever!

    I had mud and a smile on my face.
  12. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    I have heard that an Engineer will walk past 20 virgins just to [email protected]#k a mechanic.
  13. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Current topic of the week on another site- 'What's the worst mechanical problem that you have ever ignored?'
  14. MPG hit with Toyo AT3s 35x11.5x17 with 3.73s??

    @Garemlin Sorry that no body actually answered your question. I have a Rubicon so 4.10's but went from factory Falken M/T's 285/70R17 to Nitto Trail Grapplers in 35x11.5 and have had no noticeable change in mpg. The tread pattern of both are very similar. DO read @Gren71 's link
  15. Last Jeep ill ever own. I think that OP must be in this thread under a new name. 😁
  16. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    We all know that the world is full of snowflakes, I have found that there are pigeons too. You know, they strut around like they own the place and just shit on everything.
  17. The hardest vehicle to hand wash - ever!

    Because the Gladiator has SO many compound curves........
  18. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    Since this is the issues/repair section, I thought you guys could help. I seem to be leaking sun-visor fluid.
  19. Oil Catch Can - is it needed?

    J/T Catch can, 1500 miles 4oz of straight motor oil. Only a slight residue of water at the bottom. Truck has 18K miles on it. It mounts on the drivers side by the brake reservoir.