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  1. Going to be upgrading Front Axle in near furture to a Rubicon axle. Have a question about locker switch

    If you have auxiliary switches, I would just wire them directly. You have better control over them that way, and also don’t have to reprogram it.
  2. Exo-cage for JT?

    You want it just to look cool, or be functional for rollovers?
  3. Will all OEM wheels fit on all models?

    All OEM JT wheels are interchangeable.
  4. Suggestions to smooth out a ride!

    The root cause was tires inflated to twice the necessary pressure. That’s all. It doesn’t matter that he’s lifted with 65 psi in the tires.
  5. Biggest rear spacer

    I'm running a 1.5" rear spacer. I started with shock spacers, and am now running 28" long Fox shocks back there. I don't have a rear relocation bracket or track bar (yet). It's offset a bit, but not much.
  6. Biggest rear spacer

    You can do up to a 2" rear spacer without absolutely needing rear track bar correction. Shock extensions should generally be used for the rear when you add more than 1" there. You can tow just fine with shock extensions, but you also shouldn't need shock extensions with a 3/4" spacer (If that's...
  7. Mojave AEV 2" Kit plus 1"?

    The AEV 2" kit spacers keep the factory rake. Are you asking how to raise the front or lower the rear a little to level the truck?
  8. Control arm drop brackets with new springs?

    You will be fine with the drop brackets at 2.5”.
  9. Who makes the best end links? Currie, MC, Etc.

    This was an old thread, so I’ll update my earlier recommendation to include the Clayton Overland Giiro joint as my current favorite.
  10. Are these single carrier bearing drop plates enough?

    The Currie spacer is 3/4”. I built one myself from some 3/4” aluminum bar, which brought angles back nearer stock (I have a 1.5” spring spacer in the rear). I didn’t notice any difference in the way it drove. I caught my carrier bearing on a boulder a few weeks ago, and bent it backward. I...
  11. Air leak around windshield

    The hard top seals and the door window “flag” (black plastic triangle in the lower corner of the front windows) are the most common sources of wind noise. Are you able to pinpoint exactly where yours comes from?
  12. Spicer AdvanTEK axles in gladiator

    JL and JT both got the new Advantec axle designs. The old stuff won’t work.
  13. Transfer Case 6speed manual?

    You will have to reprogram your Jeep for the new 4-low ratio, but that can be done with JScan.
  14. Please help me choose wheels for my Mojave! I'm too dumb to understand offset!

    The Mojave wheels are 7 mm less positive from the other trims, most likely to make room for the shocks. The offset of all stock wheels is still "positive".
  15. Question about winches

    Synthetic, no question. It’s just easier, and just as strong. You don’t leave to worry about frayed cable slicing your fingers, etc.
  16. @ShadowsPapa

    Yeah, I had a friend who bought one. I think he's color blind...
  17. @ShadowsPapa

  18. @ShadowsPapa

    What tires and lift should I buy? Thanks in advance.
  19. Blank enlarged photos

    I was thinking it had to do with my old iPhone and iOS 15...
  20. What do you use your JSCAN for?

    Tire size, TPMS threshold, LED tail lights, and fogs with high beams is what I've done. I've used it on 3 or 4 of my friends' Jeeps too.