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  1. What was last thing you bought?

    A Ruger LCP 10th Anniversary Wasn’t planning on it, but for $240 it seemed like a good idea 😅
  2. Suggestions to smooth out a ride!

    Oof, I’m glad to hear it was a quick and easy fix (free, even!) I can only imagine your ride felt like your tires were made of concrete!
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    It was a sad day - took the mud tires off for winter 😢 (it even snowed! 👎🏻) And changed the oil, hence the hood up.
  4. Just saw this on Instagram, Tailgate brake light concept.

    Not for me, but the flush mount tails look good! It’s just a bit too much going across the tailgate, plus the third brake light above. I’ve also seen too many damaged tailgates (not just JT) to add something else to break. Maybe it’s a good option to cover damage! 🤔
  5. Threedom Team Introduction

    That’s a bigger team than I expected! Glad your hobby has grown to a business! One of my favorite mods is still switching to the smaller key fob, it’s a great product. (If you wind up making one in a subdued US flag pattern, I’ll buy one for my other key in a heartbeat! 😂)
  6. Wow………Gupton

    I was lucky to have found a small dealership local that was awesome to deal with. However if I ever get to order my own pick'em Jeep, I'll be looking into Gupton.
  7. Let's see those Fall Colors.

    Straight up and out.

    Whatever reason I was thinking the Max Tow was able to be added to the Overland on the online configurator - but thinking that must have been the Freedom edition. (Which that and the Altitude is based off the Sport so that makes sense) Also what I was getting at with the door sticker is that...

    Since you’re modding and towing, find yourself a a Sport or Overland Max Tow option. At least I think the Overland is now available with that option- I may be mistaken. If you see yourself wanting lockers, then I’d recommend the Rubicon, maybe, if it’s not something you’d care to do yourself...
  10. Current opinion of the Bronco?

    A lot of people pointed out the frameless windows being an issue- for those that don’t know, the window rolls down a bit when opened then back up once closed. How many thousands of times are the doors of a vehicle opened and closed in its lifetime? The windows will 100% be an issue. Multiply...
  11. Current opinion of the Bronco?

    And even wasted your time by typing a reply! 🤯
  12. Would you buy a base gladiator if you couldnt do any mods?

    My first Jeep (the JKU) was a Sport and the only optional equipment it had was SXM for $245. I’d bought it during the winter and eventually tossed some 285/70/17 on it, but would swap back to the steelies and small tires for the snow months. My JT is a Sport S with Willy’s take-offs, but...
  13. Current opinion of the Bronco?

    They absolutely need the bigger tires. Stock lower trims look awkward. Ford also had the benefit to see where Jeep was lacking and correcting. (Not that Jeep doesn’t have these same notes). But my favorite part of the Bronco is that it brought factory 35” and V8 options to the Wrangler.
  14. What was your ride before the JT?

    This is my official trade-in. The only reason I got it was because I was renovating a house and was borrowing trucks/trailers hauling sheet material and also because of more and more rumors of Jeep producing a truck. Also because the JL was being revealed soon so JK pricing was (theoretically)...
  15. Didnt get a great deal club

    I learned not to hesitate traveling. I was trying to get a Gator JT in North Carolina (I’m from PA), but their salesperson pretty much ghosted me. The local dealership where my wife and I have bought/leased 4 cars off of the same person couldn’t give me a price (not even quote the website) in...
  16. Didnt get a great deal club

    I paid a few thousand under MSRP OTD (total, after taxes etc, etc) and mine is somewhat low-optioned. Not a “great” deal by comparison to some on here, but I’m content and trade-in was pretty fair. I think a few thousand more and extra hunting around could have gotten me a lot more Jeep, but...
  17. When do you have your doors on/off?

    Before I purchased my first Jeep, I was looking into motorcycles pretty seriously. After deciding having 4x4 in the winter would be more advantageous, and I’d still get an open-air, fun ride in a Jeep I pulled the trigger on a JKU. No doubt a bike is probably more fun to drive, but I haven’t had...
  18. Rock rails? Side step?

    I have these from N-Fab. They’re fine for a step, nothing special, and cover the pinch weld, but definitely not a slider. Also offers some chip protection on the hinges since they stick out a bit. They ran around $300. If I wasn’t on gravel so often I’d have gone with the OEM sliders. There’s...
  19. Barricade Rock Sliders

    That’s what I wanted to get but was told around a year back order (this was about 3 months ago, they’re back up on the site now). Wish there was an OEM option. Went with the NFab but am not overly pleased with them. They’re fine for the price which is the around this Barricade set.