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  1. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    Thanks man, it's been/still is a fun project. I bought the auxiliary switch from mopar, installed it myself, and then had the dealer flash the computer. I'm happy with it but so you know the install is a pain in the ass
  2. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    This should be the one you want. Likely, the one you ordered says it's for a Dana 30. All gladiators have a Dana 44
  3. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    Yea I had the same thing happen. They list a different part for the Rubicon and non Rubicon (like the JL). This is wrong. The skid you want is meant to work with the M210 diff, which every JT has. Get the Rubicon diff skid and it will fit.
  4. Flush Mount Tail Lights

    That's a bummer to read. I was hopeful this would be the fix.
  5. Transfer Case 6speed manual?

    I don't have any significant contribution but am in the same boat and intrigued by what you may find out. Following.
  6. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    While I agree you can't beat a locker in that scenario can't you drag the brakes to start loading the wheel down side and getting both to turn?
  7. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    After staring at my front light bar for months I decided to take it off. After upgrading to the Oculus LED headlights/fogs it really doesn't add much light up front and it's always looked kind of just stuck on to me. I didn't like the look of the naked mounting tab so I cut that off as well...
  8. Bed racks with cover?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found it on their site after some digging. Thanks Do you have a link to where you got the platform from? I think you may have convinced me to go with a platform. More versatile than crossbars
  9. Bed racks with cover?

    Great looking set up. I'm in a similar process. Currently have voodoo crossbars with an access soft cover and looking to switch to the X4S and front runner legs. Undecided if I'll do a platform like you did or cross bars again. How does the platform benefit you to justify the additional cost? It...
  10. protect side of bed?

    I can't really tell if you are talking about the bottom of the bed or the bedside, but JCR makes a full wrap around bumper. It will somewhat help keep objects away from the bedside. I hit a couple rocks pretty hard coming off an obstacle and it did well.
  11. Axeman's Rig Journal

    Thanks for the response. I'll confirm with frontrunner. Noticed any issues with that setup? Main concern is weight on the t-slot when off road.
  12. Axeman's Rig Journal

    Is this the specific rack you went with from front runner? I have a very similar set up using a soft cover and voodoo crossbars, but like the idea of a hard rolling tonneau...
  13. Threedom Team Introduction

    Awesome to see a local company on the forums!
  14. How good are 40's for daily driving?

    This is what I wanted to read and what this thread deserves. Thank you for sharing your experience with us
  15. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    Added Oracle flush mount taillights. Looks so much better but am having trouble with the reverse light. Waiting on the fix from Oracle
  16. RodReckets Sport S Build Experience

    Had the front windows tinted to match the factory rears
  17. Customizing the Oracle flush mount lights.

    that's pretty dang creative. Nice work
  18. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    Well, I'm glad i chose to regear this summer instead of waiting. This is still progress in the right direction.
  19. Torsen/TrueTrac helical limited slip differential?

    Sweet! Is it finally actually happening!?
  20. I am picking out Tires/Wheels for my new JTRD. Need help decided between offsets.

    AEV runs +25 to keep the wheels/tires within the fenders. I had +11 on my first set then when AEV saltas came out I went with those on a +25. I also decided on Toyos 35x11.5