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  1. POS Jeep. Check your floor drain plug!

    I'm sorry, but I am not quite finished..... If you want quiet, perhaps a Bently, or a Rolls Royce, or take my recommendation that the quietest car I ever sat in was a 1951 Buick Roadmaster. A straight eight, Dynaflow Transmission and unmatched radial tires. Of course it was sitting in a barn on...
  2. POS Jeep. Check your floor drain plug!

    Perhaps he is VERY Sensitive to...... noise? in a Jeep?
  3. POS Jeep. Check your floor drain plug!

    POS? Perhaps you can find a buyer for your POS as currently it's probably worth what or very near what you paid for it. In the meantime, to keep you from being embarrassed for owning a Jeep and because you are such an authority on shit, you could always disguise your current POS as a Yugo, or a...
  4. Satellite Phones

    Where I go in Death Valley the nearest Ranger is a day's away, and in the Mojave Desert time counts and a CB is of no use whatsoever.
  5. Dog co-pilot help.

    We bought the Gladiator and added the ARE Topper specifically for Atticus. Nothing like having 130 pounds of needy dog helping you drive. He jumps in fine and gets the whole bed to wander and nose paint. We open both connecting windows and he sticks part of his head in to let us know he is still...
  6. Attempt Theft of Roof Rack

    Bad News: I have a Yakima Off Grid (medium) roof rack mounted on rails on my ARE Shell. It's been mounted there for over a year, yet some asshole climbed up on the hood, walked to the roof and pried on the rails trying to get it loose succeeding in only breaking one corner loose before...
  7. Slammed custom JT

    Slamming a Gladiator, or any Jeep for that matter is like serving Whipped Cream on Dog Shit and calling it desert.
  8. Satellite Phones

    I have seen units that pair up to a cell phone or are GPS oriented, that go for less than $300.00. I'll keep looking and keep you informed. The night sky is very beautiful out there.
  9. Satellite Phones

    Looking for feedback on Satellite Phones. I go to Mojave Desert and want a dependable sat phone for emergency use.
  10. Tracks seem like over kill but to each his own

    Aaaaaannnnnd... Just n case Global Warming And.... just in case global warming is as real as some say, I would also purchase one of these.
  11. Flat bed Gladiator build

    Hard work, a can do spirit, and self reliance is what built Australia. Got to meet some in View Nam... Nobody, and I mean nobody screwed with the Aussies. By far some of the best jungle fighters in the world.
  12. Flat bed Gladiator build

    I consider myself a Craftsman... been working with my hands since I was just a tad. And Thank You.... it is not only refreshing to see younger generations doing the same thing... it is heartening. This is what built our country, and it is what builds self reliance and self respect. Keep it up...
  13. Any rumors for 2022 Gladiator changes?

    No updates were offered, and no glitches were noted. I use it just about every day, especially on unmarked dirt roads in the Mojave Desert with no problems at all.
  14. Dealer wants to install a non Mopar fuel filter

    Yup.... Just yesterday, I used my undies for a coffee filter...... Had that chocked full of nuts flavor.......
  15. @ShadowsPapa

  16. @ShadowsPapa

    Ahhhhhh, no......
  17. Thief magnet

    I think I know that GIRL......
  18. Thief magnet

    Back in the day, we delt with people who stole the property of others, and short of cutting off their f***ing hands they got the message and NEVER tried that shit again.
  19. Thief magnet

    Strange, I have an ERA Cap and no, I haven't had any trouble at all. Can't imagine why.....
  20. Didn't get this instead!

    Got Ducked the other day with two ducks. Immediately found another Jeep and ducked it. Made my day...