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  1. Anyone running a ROAM Vagabond RTT on a Max Modular bed frame?

    I used the kbvoodoo cross bars (same company) at first. I left the vagabond off center towards the tail gate. I used three sets of uprights, but it didn’t matter. it was secure, but the rear crossbar definitely bent over 1/2”, from the tenting bouncing on mostly highway. I ended up gabbing...
  2. Farout Concept Topper

    what’s the yellow thing on the front rack?
  3. Farout Concept Topper

    Thanks all! @darksidedesign Do you happen to have a better shot of the back window to topper line?
  4. Farout Concept Topper

    Anyone have an idea of which topper was used to base the Farout concept off of? I think it has the best lines out of any that I have seen.
  5. Let's see pictures of dirt bikes or trials motorcycles loaded in the bed.

    https://[Banned Site]/we-get-a-closer-look-at-the-gladiator-flatbill-concept/ One of the more unique Gladiator concepts out there.
  6. Forum Exclusive Groupbuy from ORACLE Lighting: Heated Oculus

    Curious as to what conditions folks actually get accumulation to the point it impairs the lights? I have lived in snow states with jeeps for most of my life, and never personally experienced the issue, including 2 winters with the Gladiator. I'm starting to think its an urban legend
  7. 2022.5 Rumors?

    I personally think there will be a lot of backtracking with this, especially in the states. There is just too much geography in the way to make the switch to electric any time soon. Nor do we have anywhere near the infrastructure density of Europe, outside of the big cities. There is also the...
  8. Fuel Tank Capacity

    Quality of gas has way more variance than it should, btw. We are getting in to the time of year when winter fuel starts getting stocked. This will have a negative impact. Also, if you happen to stop at a budget joint consistently (like a shoddy Pilot), you might notice the mileage drop off...
  9. Smittybilt air fittings

    honestly I'd just go over to your local fastenal or equivalent. They should be able to get you a reading and probably even order the correct parts.
  10. Possible legality issues with a stubby bumper

    Concerning SA and MX- it may or may not be legal, and that will have zero bearing on if you’re pulled over. If they want to, they will.
  11. 2022 Rumors?

    In many ways, the plastics market supply chain is even more messed up right now than at the beginning of the year. My guess is they have held off any announcements until they can stabilize some sourcing contracts.

    What suspension are you running? That’s one aspect I haven’t modified yet
  13. (Solved) Dealer Deposit Refund on Botched Order

    lots of states have had similar laws for years.
  14. Confession

    I did my thesis years ago on the impact of urban legends on regulatory agencies. Its a very real problem. There is a lot of unfounded speculation and trash science that leads to excessive, overly restrictive legislation, especially in the name of safety. A couple other examples that are...
  15. Confession

    Let your nozzle drip into the tank for 10 sec before removal. Seems pretty excessive.
  16. My gladiator keeps needing to be jump-started

    Take it to the dealership, it'll get covered under warranty. Gladiators have two batteries, and especially with the smaller one, there have been quality issues out of Mexico. When the small battery starts to fail, it constantly drains the big battery, prematurely aging it. The dealership will...
  17. Errors on Brand New Gladiator

    Its likely a loose harness or perhaps your software needs a reboot. These things are complex, and the software actually does some limited machine learning as well. All of this can add up to make a relatively minor blip start throwing faults. There have also been some bad quality batteries out...
  18. Holly Oaks ORV Flag Question??

    Last year flags weren’t required. I was surprised. Didn’t see them sold anywhere either. do make sure to pick up your ORV License first. They don’t sell them there or check, but the sheriff does
  19. Dead Gladiator. Both batteries replaced. Still dead.

    Same happened to me last year. Replaced and no further issues. as to the computer, justlgo for a ride. The data log probably was lost when both batteries failed. After 15 minutes and then powering off for a while, it will be good as new. It sometimes happens when both batteries are disconnected