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  1. THINSKINZ - Gladiator Forum Discount

    Hi everyone, Don't forget to use discount code "Gladiator_Forum10" for 10% Off your purchase on our site THINSKINZ.COM THINSKINZ ACCESS SATIN ⬇ THINSKINZ PRO SATIN ⬇ As Always, if you have ANY questions, we are always here to help! Thanks, Romina and the ThinSkinz team
  2. SEMA 2021 Highlights

    So SEMA is now over! What a crazy cool and amazing experience that was....The show was MASSIVE!!! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the finals of the launchpad competition but that's ok, it was a really cool experience and truly an honor to be one of the 15 semi-finalists picked amongst over...
  3. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! Super happy to hear you like them. Front door request noted ✅ 😊
  4. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Super glad to hear she likes them! We are getting lots of requests for the front doors, so hopefully, we can work on those after we release the Skinz for the Tacomas and 4Runners....We also have lots of people requesting the JKs and Broncos, so it really depends on what model or variation we...
  5. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Thank you so much for the kind words! Really appreciate that!
  6. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    THANK YOU!!!!
  7. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Thank you So much Everyone for the input! Super appreciated! It really means a lot to us that everyone took time out of their day to give us their thoughtful input. THANK YOU!!!! We have the Satin PRO Style now available on the website and we'll have some Satin ACCESS ready by next week :)...
  8. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Oh no! Sorry to hear your wife hated the shine :( It may be a few weeks before we can get more of the satin versions of the Access model as we need to send them out to get them surface blasted and refinished. It'll be an extra $30 charge BUT we can do an exchange/upgrade kind of thing. Send us...
  9. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    😬 with either finish you still get amazing protection though ....
  10. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Great we haven't done a "Golden Retriever" test yet but unless it's a deep scratch we think some M40 conditioner should get rid of those light scratches.
  11. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish !!!

    Hi Guys. Sorry we've been a MIA lately as we've been working on some R&D... so this may be a bit of a long post. We've gotten a number of requests for a matte finish on the Skinz so we've been trying find the best method to achieve that surface. Some of the guys on the forum have suggested...
  12. ThinSkinz ® Rear door panel protectors - Reviews

    Hope you are loving the Skinz! Thanks for your order :)
  13. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

    Awww Thank you so much for saying that! It means a lot to us.
  14. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

    Thank you SO MUCH, I personally never been to SEMA but seeing the competition from prior years is pretty tough. We are just super stoked to have been selected.
  15. Who makes Rear Door Guards for dogs?

    It's all good, our Skinz are not for EVERYONE, we understand. Some of the people who buy from us don't even have dogs, they use them to protect their panels from work equipment, camping gear or whatever else they throw in the back seats.
  16. Who makes Rear Door Guards for dogs?

    Thank you SO SO SO Much for reaching out to us. We'll be reaching out back later on this afternoon, sorry for the late reply, it has been super crazy busy here...but we'll reach out later on today.
  17. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

  18. What do u have coming in the mail?

    Awww This makes us so happy! Thank you so much for sharing! Best of luck with your new pup 🐾
  19. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

    Thank you so much!!!
  20. 2021 SEMA Launch Pad Finalist - ThinSkinz

    Super Exciting news I wanted to share in the Forum - It means a lot to us to be part of this competition. 2021 SEMA LAUNCH PAD - OFFICIAL SITE "With an expanded prize package and increased benefits to applicants, the 9th annual SEMA Launch Pad competition included a record-high number of...