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  1. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    A suntop and some tube doors.
  2. Should I go Rubicon or Mojave?

    Mojave, but that’s just my opinion. I think they look better stock, drive better stock and the shocks are awesome. If you’re going to rock crawl a lot, get the Rubicon. If you’re going to lift it and make the stock shocks expendable, get the Rubicon. Otherwise, the Mojave to me is the better all...
  3. Popping after off road flex

    I had to double take this headline, I could have sworn it said something else at first.
  4. Rivian R1T First Drive reviews

    Yeah, reminds me of the super masculine Honda Ridgeline or the beautiful Hyundai Santa Cruz. I’m sure it will be very popular for anyone swayed by Twitter followers, men with man buns and anyone named Chad.
  5. Disappointed

    Why would you be disappointed your Jeep didn’t have some grand announcement that your mileage matched a year? I guess I’m confused, you expected this?
  6. Thank You For Supporting TUWA Pro! GIVEAWAY ALERT - MOAB Bed Rack System

    You scared me, I thought I won for a second. 😞
  7. Was it you? I 25 north of denverthis

    Nope but if you see a sting gray north of highway 7 it’s most likely me. Weekends only.
  8. Last Jeep ill ever own.

    This is like a train wreck.
  9. Can't add gas, fuel flap door is stuck

    So much innuendo in here I could use but I’ll resist.
  10. Auto-Started by itself.

    Adding to this, Dodge had some big issues with this with the challengers, other manufacturers too. People have devices that scan the codes from your remote if they’re within proximity of the fob. If they’re near a front door, thieves can scan them and unlock your car and just drive away. Not...
  11. Is Now A Bad Time To Buy?

    Any time is a bad time if you let yourself get taken advantage of. I saved a boat load in October taking advantage of trade ins and deals.
  12. The trip home from Gupton to Ca ongoing - picked up Gecko JT

    Damn I feel that. I lost my mom when I was 27, yesterday was her 61st birthday. Breaks my heart every time. Awesome trip man!
  13. So far, how many states has your Gladiator been?

    Well Toledo, Ohio for starters, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Colorado and Illinois.
  14. U-Connect 1/2 screen turns white

    That’s such a damn good album! Still prefer tell all your friends but their first 3 were excellent.
  15. Black Friday Deals

    I believe etouffee is the only word I’m certain on.
  16. Just saw this on Instagram, Tailgate brake light concept.

    Saw this on Instagram. I will point and laugh at anyone I see that installs this. Just go buy an ugly Durango.
  17. One more reason to flush the dealer system

    Meanwhile I was out the door on a 21’ Mojave 15K under MSRP.
  18. VOIDED Factory Warranty after taking it through mud

    Is there like a TLDR version for the end result? Lol
  19. Midlife Crisis? Hemi Conversion

    Coming from a 6.4 to the Gladiator it’s definitely a huge difference. Does your 6.4 have the AFM (fuel management) since it’s a crate engine? I could see why you would get 12-13 plus tires if you didn’t have that. I drove my Challenger as a weekend toy and still averaged 18. But yeah, it’s a...
  20. May be a stupid question, bottom button on headlight dial.

    Lmao thanks I didn’t know either 😂