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  1. Alu-Cab Canopy Camper

    Yes, you need the bed rails to install the canopy camper.
  2. Alabama Rubicon wheels and suspension

    Wow, wish I was closer for the wheels/tires.
  3. 813 Fabrication & Design Black Friday Sale!

    Can't wait to see what else you're working on for Alu-Cab.
  4. Threedom Team Introduction

    Just ordered S+ — super cool!
  5. Video: Making Lego Car Climb Obstacles

    Thought this was pretty cool: Testing a Lego car against different obstacles and improving it until it becomes a capable climber. Demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution. Enjoy!
  6. ALU-CAB: 35" (+) TIRES

    I only have 31.5" and I've pushed in the molle panel on the passenger side next to the door when it swings open and the tire makes contact. I think a 35" would limit your ability to open the door fully.
  7. Mopar Aux Switch Install Testing

    Definitely check your pin placement. I would have sworn I followed the instructions precisely, but finally bit the bullet and went back through the steps to check — my pins were backwards :blush:
  8. Gladiator vs the power wagon

    This made me lol.
  9. Is LED package worth it? OEM vs Oracle output?

    Halogens in photo, for what it's worth. I've since done a full LED conversion from Oracle and the light output is incredible.
  10. mojave cowl light mount

    +1 here, I love mine
  11. Anyone using a Dc to Dc charger for a second battery?

    I have this setup using a Redarc BCDC1240D charging a 100 Ah 12V LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery through the alternator while driving or through (2) 100W solar panels when parked in sun. Works great.
  12. What are these 4 wires that go to the tailgate brakelight?

    I'll keep this in mind when I get the Oracle flush mount LED taillights!
  13. Looking for dog proof/water proof seat covers.

    I've had good luck with Bartact seat covers and I just ordered a center console cover. Their customer service is great. I'd also recommend a set of door protectors: If your dog could use a step up...
  14. Dog steps for Gladiator

    This step worked great for my 65 lb. Doberman: RIP Sully
  15. Alu-Cab Gladiator Bed Cap

    The 1450mm load bars extend out past the width of the roofline by about 3" on both sides.

    Me too, Fedex tracking provided!
  17. Toolbox \ Toolkit that fits in rear underseat storage bin

    Love my Hoonigan box, fits perfectly under the seat.