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  1. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Bolt hood lock. No grill trim. Flip key fits just fine.
  2. Steer smarts sector shaft brace gone bad

    could be bad design, could be bad manufacturing or bad luck. Either way, my past experience with them is that they are responsive and provided excellent customer support. Good luck with getting it fixed. And thanks for the heads up.
  3. Oracle Flush Mount Taillights Arrived Today

    Don't let your factory tail lights sit around collecting dust. I sold my halogens on ebay for $100 each.
  4. Good deals on winches?

    I think most winch have the square nuts the same way. Usually a little tape will keep them in place. I just watched a video on clocking the handle. I might clock mine to the rear and relocate the controller since I'm planning on using the wireless remote.
  5. Good deals on winches?

    Do you know if that $30 off will stack with the discounted price? I submitted my email and have been waiting for the coupon. If it doesnt stack, if just as well order it now. That being said, liftkits4less had a sale and it was $571 last night. This morning, back to full price. Update: just...
  6. VIAIR Specific Mounting Locations

    I had the 450P automatic and it never ran hot. Don't think I'd be concerned about a heat shield.
  7. Which tailgate badge kit do you like best

    The holes will be obvious. If they bother you, you'll need a way to fill them in flush.
  8. Centering Axles, How Precise Does It Need To Be?

    Thats pretty close. Gonna shift the moment you sit in it, fill/empty gas tank, load lumber, etc....
  9. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Sale

    Yeah, my goal is to get most of it out with the pump and then pull the plug for the last little bit. I'll have to see how much comes out and see if I still want to go that route after I try it out.
  10. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Sale

    I had one on my jku with the lever pointing down since I had the rock hard skid plate with oil plug door. Worked great. For my gladiator, I'm going to try a pump.
  11. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Try chasing or re tapping the threads. Much better than fighting cross threads. Could even tap it out wider and insert helical insert if needed. Or just leave it be if you never plan on touching it again . Hahah
  12. Skid plate for underbed spare tire?

    On a side note, I learned to drive manual on a deuce and a half in the motor pool at Bragg. Haha
  13. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    Last time I drove through Indiana... I mean drove through (it was a sunday and I tried to buy some beer at a walmart. hahaha), I remember it being relatively flat. But yes, here on the West Coast, we've got national parks up the wazoo and there's lots of down(forward) shifting on those roads. :)
  14. Locker up front & LSD in the back?

    You have to set it up that way on an aftermarket switch panel. Either a physical flip cover on a toggle switch or a primary power switch that allows the locker switch(es) to activate. Nothing will prevent it from engaging when you press the switch if you direct wire it. On the factory aux, there...
  15. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    I don't agree with it, but I'm going to start using it more just to build in the muscle memory. Time to move 'forward'. Hahaha
  16. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    Just like my 2013 JKU. 👍 But yeah, when I'm sitting on my couch and pointing my remote at the tv, when I press forward, I expect the volume to decrease cause BMW does it that way. Completely natural to me. Haha
  17. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    I think it has a bit to do with visual direction. Looking at the shifter, forward is up and back is down. The old shifter was left down and right up. Similar to how we read in the US. So maybe not based on mechanics, but on patterned behavior. That's my thought.
  18. Oh Jeep... Why you so backwards?

    I knew what this was about before even clicking on the link. Hahah Used it yesterday. Soooo annoying compared to my old JKU.
  19. Steep Downhill w/Switchbacks in 4-Lo

    I shift into 4lo the same way I did with my JKU AT. Come to a stop, put it in neutral, shift to 4lo and then back into drive. That being said, there have been times when I didn't put it in drive all the way and started to slide back while releasing the brakes. It's alway a WTF moment. hahaha...
  20. 2 DAYS ONLY | Discount Tire Direct FLASH SALE!

    would be a great deal if the shop by me ever picked up their phone. hahah