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  1. Switch to Diesel

    I did it And never looked back. Do it!
  2. Fake trim levels?

    KMC Roswells. Thanks.
  3. EcoDiesel: Intake Silencer Removal?

    I’d be interested to see what a smooth inner pipe would do as well for intake flow.
  4. Rivian R1T First Drive reviews

    Saw this guy in the wild. I was out mountain biking out in Anza Borago state park. I think he was with the Rivian off road test crew. I’d buy an electric truck some day.
  5. Trailer wheel spacer/ bolt pattern conversion

    Anyone have experience with this? I have an off road trailer with 5 lug axles. I’d like to use a spacer/ converter to change the bolt pattern to match the Jeeps. I have an extra set of rims and tires and it would be good to have everything match in case of a flat. Thoughts? Concerns?
  6. Lift gate for rack?

    Zroadz is close. You could probably modify it so the tailgate lock prevents opening but my opinion is that it would limit functionality.
  7. SoCal Market Place

    Saw these on offer up.
  8. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    I knew you were a boat builder 😀
  9. Delivery day Diesel Sport …… meet DIXIE !!

    Enjoy the diesel. We love it!
  10. So jeep has this deal buy 3 get 1 for a dollar which 37

    Compared to the General Grabbers? I’ve had older generation generals. im sure they are better but the KO2s last a long time. I’ve owned 6 sets now. Noise is really low, great in all weather conditions. also, when it rains, they feel planted To the wet road. Not to mention they look great.
  11. Gladiator Expedition Rigs

    Looking good. are you adding any additional supports for a future roof rack?
  12. What Mopar accessories would you buy for $300?

    I would take the list that everyone is suggesting and look to get authorization from the wife first. I only use credits and points for unauthorized purchases. …I’ve been married for 25 years.
  13. Suntop Working on a Gladiator Product

    Btw, the parts you painted looks good. Happy with them?
  14. Suntop Working on a Gladiator Product

    I was emailing with Ryan at Suntop. He didn’t have samples but he did say it was the same color as all their other products. I guess I need to hunt down a wrangler with a Suntop.
  15. 35s and No Lift Thread

    Sorry, not sure how I missed this reply. I don’t think the stock lugs would fit. I remember looking at the lugs that came with the rims and noticing how much smaller they were than the OEM lugs. I may have also tried the stock ones but didn’t fit.
  16. Suntop Working on a Gladiator Product

    I don‘t know, looks close.
  17. Suntop Working on a Gladiator Product

    Looks great with the White. I’m still debating on getting one in tan. I’m afraid it will look “off” next to my tan softopper. 🤔 hmmm.