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  1. What Did You Do To... Year End Accounting.

    I'm gona pleaded the 5th on this one.... :bandit:
  2. Which Midland GMRS radio, MXT400 or MXT275?

    LOL no, but you'll reduce the effectiveness. That said it would still work. I got solid 2.5 mile range w my 5w hand held using it in cab. Any particular reason? You can get smaller lower profile antenna.
  3. Which Midland GMRS radio, MXT400 or MXT275?

    You could wait for the 575 that was announced, a 275 but 50 watt vs the 15 of the 275. Honestly range is more a determination line of site with uhf. The 275 hidden unit is very slick with the ability to stow the "mic" when not in use. I have mine tucked up to the right of the glove box.
  4. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    $9500 +- a bit. Kits are 6700 + shipping + tax. The install is sorta on the high side, they are doing a couple other minor things also. But I "interviewed" 3 shops, one I would not take a yugo for an oil change to, other seemed like a good shop next door for normal stuff but self admittedly...
  5. Magnuson TVS1900 Kit Available Now

    Now the wait for the kit begins.
  6. Josh's Rig, Oscar.

  7. Renewed Enthusiasm

    Ya first, take smaller groups. Only take those that aren't work to be around. We have a motorcycle group, same deal, lots of folks came at different times. But only those that really fit ever were invited back. Now it's a core group that fits. It's not "hard" in fact it's so ez because we all...
  8. Cloth Seats vs. Leather Seats Package

    I think* so. The only option wheel is the heated that's part of the cold weather group (totally worth it). There are different trim on the wheels pending on the model. Mine are black.
  9. Cloth Seats vs. Leather Seats Package

    Best of both worlds; leather trimmed cloth seats 😁
  10. Suggestions to smooth out a ride!

    35 psi is my sweet spot on 34"
  11. Max Tow pushing it too much?

    I have no problem with a shop not renting you a trailer that would be over your tow limit, self admittedly. Good for them.
  12. If you had $1500 to spend on your Jeep today....

    I would put it to my Super Charger, but if not that. Winch. Straps. Boards. Maybe a soft-topper.
  13. 4:1 Rock-Trac Full Time 4WD System

    Yes you can add it, google Sect-trac on the JL forum, there have been conversions done.
  14. Washer nozzle for rear view camera?

    Or. You could just wipe it off every time you get gas? ;)
  15. Hooked my Baja designs Squadron R Pros up.

    I got the same mounts, like them a lot! Nice set up.
  16. 13.1mpg best I can get with 35’s. Questions inside…..

    What I do for a speedo test is set to zero, start a track in my gps and compare the two. Use a Looonger trip. If I'm going "downtown" it's 50 miles round trip. Using that I was off on my taser setting by quite a bit. I've got it .997% accurate now. That will give you a better view of things...
  17. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    No pic, not that exciting; swapped the steel spare for a matching factory wheel to have all 5 matching.
  18. Winch plate, what one?

    Ok help me out, so confuddled. I did try and search, just nothing pulled up that was clear. 2021 OEM Steel Bumpers. Smitybilt XRC Gen3 9.5k synthetic. What do I order plate wise?
  19. Oracle fogs won’t power on

    If you have a set, it would be very strange for both to be bad? How are you determining you have power at the plug? Just to ask, you have them wired to the aux switches, or using another switch set up?
  20. Would you feel comfortable towing...

    Ya'll w "fake" stickers make life hard :blush::swear::CWL: